WRISEUP.COM launches a journalistic revolution, offering “News FOR the Other99%, BY the Other99%” – our promise, our pledge & our plea to you

By Henry McRandall
Editor & Publisher

After being illegally blacklisted as an international journalist and publishing consultant – after 25 yearsHenry of toiling in key senior editing, writing and/or reporting positions at some of the largest and some of the most respected mainstream daily newspapers across the U.S. and Canada – I set my mind to trying to develop a financially viable digital alternative, an independent and authoritative media entity that would tell the other side of the stories being peddled by the corrupt corporate media.
While I take some pride in my skill with words – in English and French and, to a limited but growing degree, also in Spanish – and with numbers, I might just be the most technically and technologically IL-literate person any of you might ever encounter. So in 2009 I launched www.WRISEUP.COM and began the march up the steep curve to Internet literacy. Begun as a hobby and a vehicle for venting my own frustration at a system that was no longer working for the vast majority, I began to explore a variety of options for the viable monetization of such an entity on an ongoing basis. After developing an editorial archive of more than 700 illustrated essays, performing nine years of beta testing and spending several thousand dollars test-marketing a variety of strategies, we have finally reached the point where we feel we can now offer a credible AND VIABLE alternative – “News FOR the Other99%, BY the Other99%.”
WRISEUP.COM is a very-hard-hitting digital newsmagazine that examines Canadian, U.S. and world affairs – politics; economics; social & cultural affairs; environmental affairs; health & healthcare; labor & the workplace; war & peace; law & order; crime & punishment; freedom, human rights, privacy & government/corporate surveillance; science & technology; etc. – from an anti-corporate, anti-Establishment, anti-status quo, “leftish” but non-partisan perspective. No holds are barred and we recognize NO SACRED COWS.

OUR PROMISE & OUR PLEDGE TO YOU: WRISEUP.COM is committed NOT to any particular political party, personality or other entity but to the principles of political, racial/ethnic/cultural, economic, environmental, legal and social justice. We HAVE NOT, DO NOT and WILL NOT EVER publish “fake news”. All of our stories are meticulously researched and, wherever possible, we use the wriseupsystem’s own official “facts and figures” against it. There is no issue we will not address and, to paraphrase rock singer Tom Petty, WRISEUP.COM “will not back down.”
OUR PLEA TO YOU: The only way we can provide credible, informed and compelling content on an ongoing basis – and do so at no cost whatsoever to the website’s visitors – is by generating advertising revenue in a manner that does not compromise our editorial integrity. So, PLEASE do not block the ads on this website. While we would never ask you or encourage you to click on an ad for a product or service that does not truly interest you, we will remind you that if you do spot an ad for a good or service in which you are genuinely interested, it would cost YOU nothing to click on that ad and check out the product or service, and it could generate a few pennies for us.
Thank you for joining the WRISEUP.COM community.
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