When Prime Minister Trudeau SUCKS UP to Donald Trump – the most evil, deceitful & dangerous man on Earth – it’s obvious his Liberal Party is shifting back to its corrupt ways of old

By Henry McRandall

In the less than 18 months since the NDP’s inept right-wing leader, Thomas Mulcair, served federal LiberalzzzThomas Mulcair leader Justin Trudeau a majority election win on a silver platter, zzzJustin Trudeauthe “boyish” and “charismatic” prime minister and his cabinet have been routinely breaking promise after promise and tilting rapidly back toward the sleazy, right-wing, pro-Establishment, pro-status-quo ways of their storied past.
Why on Earth did Trudeau today give his full backing to Trump’s insane attack on the airbase zzzSyria missile attackthat has been so crucial to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in their heroic efforts to defeat ISIS? Does Trudeau The Boy not realize that no one has yet uncovered ANY evidence whatsoever that it was the Syrian armed forces – rather than the U.S.-financed and -armed rebels – responsible for this week’s zzzSyria chemical attackreprehensible chemical-weapon incident? Which side are Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau really on in the so-called War On Terrorism? The attack on that crucial Syrian airfield would seem to suggest that the national leaders of both the U.S. and Canada are actually trying to help ISIS in its pursuit of a worldwide Islamic caliphate. Consider the facts:

No one has yet produced any evidence whatsoever that Syrian government forces committed any kind of chemical attack. While there appears to be some evidence that some kind of heinous zzzDonald Trumpattack occurred, it is still totally unclear exactly what happened and who caused the atrocity. And while The Madman In The White House has clearly fingered Syrian President Assad as the culprit, this is certainly not the first time Donald Trump has levelled scandalous and libellous accusations at people – without offering any evidence whatsoever.
For Canada’s Liberal Prime Minster, Justin Trudeau,to lamely endorse Trump’s zzzUNillegal 59-missile attack upon the airfield the Syrian armed forces fly from to engage in combat with ISIS and other Islamist terrorist groups – just hours after The Madman unleashed the unjustified attack – in clear violation of both U.S. and international law – and to later justify his immoral endorsement with the equally lame rationalization that the attack was justified based on intelligence from a “credible” and “trusted” ally was a shameful genuflection by Canada’s supposedly “progressive” prime minister before an obviously demented American president whose irrationality and unpredictability pose a real and present danger to the entire world. Is Trudeau The Boy too young to remember 2003 when the Bush2/Cheney regime trotted Colin Powell out before the zzzColin PowellUnited Nation Security Council – waving a vial for the TV cameras as evidence that Iraqi president Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons and was poised to launch a WMD attack. The UN Security Council and much of the world bought Georgygirl Bush and Dick Cheney’s falsified intelligence and authorized – in essence – an illegal war that cost the lives of a million people – and counting.
But given that Trudeau’s shiny new foreign affairs minister, Chrystia Freeland,zzzChrystia Freeland seems to be dictating the government’s entire foreign policy, it is urgent that we examine her fitness to be exercising this kind of influence over Canada’s federal government.
Freeland negotiated CETA (the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement) and both she and Trudeau jubilantly lied to Parliament and to Canadians that this free-trade deal would be the model for all future international trade deals because it would protects the rights and interests of workers.zzzLiars It was an outright lie! Contrary to what Trudeau and Freeland falsely claimed, a study by economists from the United Nations and from Delft University found that would actually result in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in Canada and more than two million jobs in Europe, significant losses in real income for the working-class in both Canada and the European Union and a yet another massive transfer of income, wealth and power from the Other99% to the already immorally-wealthy Top1%.
Chrystia Freeland, in particular, has been a serial liar. She makes absolutely no effort to hide her own strident anti-Russian bigotry. She has repeatedly lied about her family history – falsely alleging that her grandfather was a victim of the Soviet Communist Lenin regime during World War II when documented and irrefutable evidence shows that her grandfather was actually a high-level Nazi collaborator who was never victimized by anyone. A senior aide to the Nazi overseer of the Polish Holocaust, Freeland’s grandfather repeatedly wrote and published vehemently anti-Jewish, anti-Russian and anti-Polish hate propaganda and publicly rejoiced when 34,000 Jews, Russians, Poles and other minorities were slaughtered in Kiev, Ukraine over a two-day period in 1941. (Source: the highly-respected investigative journalism website Consortiumnews.com, which is based in Arlington, Va. and published by the Consortium for Independent Journalism.)
The fact that Chrystia Freeland continues to lie about her family history suggests that she is either in abject denial or a sociopathic liar. And the fact that she continues to lavish unmerited praise on her grandfather – the high-level Nazi collaborator – must make one wonder whether she secretly harbors the same wide range of bigotries as the grandfather she is so fond of zzzNazismpraising. Whatever the essential truth, the simple reality is that a person who bears such vitriolic bigotry and who cannot seem to differentiate between fact and her own hate-driven fiction is not only unfit to represent Canada on the world stage but also unfit to speak for a government that claims to be “open”, “transparent” and “progressive”. zzzGlobal Hegemony
Justin Trudeau must immediately fire Chrystia Freeland both as foreign affairs minister and as a member of his cabinet, if not also expel her from the Liberal caucus. And he must stop worshipping at the feet of The Madman In The White House. Canada needs to cease being a complicit lapdog in the U.S./U.K./NATO axis of aggression whose intent has seemingly become one of global hegemony and the imposition of an un-elected, worldwide corporate-capitalist plutocracy and dictatorship.zzzPlutocracy
Now is the perfect time for Canada to lead the world away from job-killing, corporate-style free trade and to also lead an exodus from the NATO axis of aggression. WRISEUP.COM is currently performing several zzzNAFTAstudies that, at the current preliminary stage, indicate that Canada may, in fact, be better situated than any other country in the world to abandon neoliberal/neoconservative trickle-down economics and corporate-style free trade and restructure its entire economy to – first and foremost – create and provide goods and services for the residents of Canada.
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