When just 8 mega-billionaires have stolen as much wealth as half of the entire world’s population & just 2 Canadian mega-billionaires as much as one-third of all Canadians, the need for a worldwide revolution can’t possibly become any more urgent

By Henry McRandall

A shocking new report issued this morning by the international anti-poverty coalition Oxfam makes it as bbOxfamclear as it can possibly be that the only way the Other99% can keep the pampered predators and parasites of the Ownership Class – the Top1% – from stealing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING from everyone else is through a sustained worldwide revolution that will topple the entire evil edifice of crony corporate capitalism.
bbPredatory billionairesWhen so-called “democratic” elections force voters to choose exclusively from among candidates and parties controlled lock, stock and barrel by a psychopathic and totally un-elected Real Ruling Class and when peaceful protests fall on deaf ears and elicit only a violent and brutal response from the powers-that-be, what other option is left for the exploited masses? Absolutely NONE.

Oxfam’s terrifying report found that just 8 mega-billionaires are now as wealthy as half of the bbWestonThomsonentire world’s population and just 2 Canadian mega-billionaires – David Thomson and Galen Weston – have almost as much wealth as one-third of bbcrony capitalismCanada’s entire population. Both of those startling revelations expose an immoral and totally unacceptable reality that must be rejected and massively altered – and without delay.bbExploited masses
While the puppet political prostitutes of the Top1% – like Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister bbjetsetJustin Trudeau – can jetset across the country at taxpayer expense, offer nothing but glib and vague responses and an impish smile – or is it really a bbBrainwashingsmirk? – in response to questions asked at photo-op so-called “town hall meetings”, and then smugly return to Ottawa and continue “business as usual”, his cynical claims of offering “open and transparent government’ and meaningful “public consultation” are nothing but cynical attempts to con the public.bbPublic consultation
Trudeau might claim to be delivering meaningful change and the criminally-corrupt mainstream media – bbCBCincluding taxpayer-owned and financed CBC and Radio-Canada – might treat the Prime Minister’s vapid utterances as gospel, but the plain, unadulterated truth of the matter is that there is an enormous – and deliberate – disconnect between the “leftish” rhetoric spewed to con the masses and the actions – mostly decided behind closed doors – that defy reality and actually promote not a narrowing but an actual widening of the grotesque gap between The Rich and The Rest.
While Justin Trudeau and the rest of the chattering political classes might think that they can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, Canadians cannot afford to let themselves be deluded, deceived and duped by the monstrous lies being peddled by the puppet political bbJustin Trudeauprostitutes – including Justin Trudeau and his entire Liberal government – about where they intend to take the economy and the largely brainwashed population.
As political whore and justly defeated Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was unknowingly recorded telling a behind-closed-doors meeting with billionaire backers a few months ago, “politicians make one set of promises to the public and a very different set of promises to the billionaires and mega-millionaires” who really have their ear. Which set of promises does anyone really bbClintonTrumpbelieve will actually be kept? Which, of course, is not to say that political whore and unjustly elected Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be any different or any better. He’ll probably prove to be even worse than Clinton would have been. Both of these old whores are very much part-and-parcel of the Top1% that they claim to be waging war against. The real war, however, for both of them, is not against the Ownership Class to which they are covertly beholden but against the poor, the working class and even the “middle class” that they are all now falsely claiming to want to champion.
Justin Trudeau is showing up everywhere now in a hypocritical effort to at least be seen across the mainstream media to be “consulting the public.” But just as his vows of “transparent” and “open” government are nothing but a duplicitous facade, his government’s heinous pretense of “public bbPublic consultationconsultation” is nothing more and nothing less than a thinly-veiled attempt to con the Other99% into believing that his government is actually on their side. Truth be told, however, is that the only voices Trudeau and his government – or any other government almost anywhere in the world – are REALLY listening to and actually heeding are the “louder voices” of what former federal NDP leader David Lewis correctly described as “corporate welfare bbCorporate Welfarebums” way back in the 1970s. And the only thing that has changed in the nearly half a century since Lewis spoke those words is that the masses have since been bled almost dry.
No, no elections are going to bring about meaningful and urgently needed change when all of these “democratic” exercises are nothing more than a sick and slick veneer concealing an elitist and extremely anti-democratic reality. Nor are peaceful protests that simply fall on the deaf ears of the bbPsychopathicTop1%’s puppet political prostitutes and elicit brutal retaliation by the forces of so-called “law and order”. What are the brutally exploited masses supposed to do when – time after time – elections promising meaningful and progressive change deliver nothing but duplicity and delusion? When every other possible option has been bbrevolutiontried and crushed by the steel-heeled jackboots of the un-elected but all-powerful Real Ruling Class, the only option left to the masses is all-out worldwide revolution. And it can’t come soon enough!
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