What do Justin Trudeau & Donald Trump have in common? The tendency to make lavish but hollow campaign promises, cynically break those promises & then dance around the issue when it’s raised

By Henry McRandall

It’s almost impossible to think of a time when the two countries sharing the world’s largest border – Canada and the U.S.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaJustin Trudeau – have simultaneously been led by such shallow & shameless leaders whose actions – or near-total lack thereof – have belied the pretty words of their aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaDonald Trumpcampaign rhetoric & exposed a total disdain and contempt for the working classes they claim instead to champion.
While the “boyish charm” of Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his silver-tongued proseaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaSilver-tongued prose have led him to a chummier relationship with the mainstream media than his U.S. counterpart and allowed him to deflect public attention from his own government’s failures aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaActs of Omissionand heinous acts of omission, President Donald Trump’s short attention span, his obvious disdain for honesty, his inability to keep track of hisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaLiars past lies, and his efforts to now browbeat and bully the mainstream mediaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBullies whose campaign largesse toward him played a large part in bringing this buffoon to power are now causing The Donald massive grief, behind their own distinct facades these two emissaries of the Top1% – of which they are both very much a part – lurks the inescapable truth that these two devious pretenders are much more alike than they are different:

Donald Trump’s total demolition since assuming power of just about every promise he made to his easily-duped, hate-mongering supporters has been evident to almost everyone who does NOT get their “news” from such committed purveyors of “fake news” as Fox -so-called “News”, Alex Jones, David Icke, Red Ice, Rush Limbaugh and the whole gaggle of loud-mouthed, abysmally-ignorant, bought-and-paid-for professional liars who pollute so much of the airwaves and the worldwide web.
But by sucking up to the mainstream media instead of attacking it, by jet-setting around the world for lavish photo ops, and by glibly dancing around issues and flashing a friendly smile that is in reality a cynical sneer, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCynical SneersJustin Trudeau has been able to lull Canada’s mainstream media into such a cozy relationship that they have become even more remiss than usual in their obsequious tolerance and their abject failure to contrast Trudeau The Boy’s dismal performance record with his lavish late-campaign oratory.
With the sole exception of partially keeping his promise of greater financial assistance to families with children, just about every productive campaign promise Trudeau and his Liberal regime made back in 2015 has now been either denied, delayed or deferred indefinitely.
It doesn’t hurt Trudeau The Boy, however, that so many Canadian women and girls and so many gay or bisexual men of a variety of ages seem to swoon whenever he flashes his carefully-nurtured and craftily-exploited “charisma” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPretty Boysfor the eager and avid TV cameras. And it doesn’t hurt that Trudeau The Boy has enjoyed a pampered and privileged upbringing as an heir to significant wealth generated from past family ownership of an oil companyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaChamplain Oil or that, as the son of one of the most storied prime ministers in Canadian history (Pierre Elliot Trudeau), he enjoyed a massive amount of access – access to all kinds of benefits and opportunities most working-class Canadians dare not even dream of having.
But while Trudeau The Boy may attempt to luxuriate in the glow of inherited place and privilege,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPET Justin Trudeau may not be exactly a chip off the family block (Dad Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his much-younger Mom, the former Maggie Trudeau). aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMaggie While his bilingual fluency and facility and his near-poetic oratory – in both languages – may be somewhat alluring, the inescapable reality is that his words are truly hollow and his thinking is truly shallow – unless his covert mission is actually to massively benefit himself and even those much more wealthy than him – entirely at the expense of the working-class majority he falsely claims to champion.
Consider just a couple of examples of the massive perfidy of his gangster regime that is only just now beginning to expose itself: Why are Justin Trudeau and his bigoted and fascist foreign affairs minister, Chrystia Freeland, touting even more so-called “free trade” dealsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaFreeland that have ravaged Canada’s middle-class and its working-class and delivered massive benefits almost exclusively to the Ownership Class; continuing to put the lives of Canadians at risk of terrorist vengeance by not only continuing to be part of the worldwide U.S./NATO war of aggression, invasion and occupation that spawned the so-called “terrorist crisis” in the first place but by also massively increasing Canada’s involvement and taxpayer expenditure for this diabolical militarism; and by sleazily attempting to masquerade his government’s sordid unwillingness toaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaJob Creation keep its promise of spending billions of dollars to create much-needed quality jobs as simply a fiscally-sound deferment?
Justin Trudeau may be a helluva lot prettier than the orange-haired Madman In The White House, but – at heart – they both seem to be birds of a similar feather. They are both devious, deceptive, demented, delusionalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBirds of a Feather and totally bereft of any real empathy whatsoever for any of the people they are claiming to champion. It may be different smoke and mirrors, but it’s still just smoke and mirrors in both Canada and the U.S.
Canada’s pretty prime minister, Justin Trudeau, still obviously has so much to learn about the challenging reality the working-class and middle-class have endured over the course of more than 35 years of neoliberal/neoconservative trickle-down economics – the loss of so many employer pension plans, the loss of so many traditional employee benefits, the incremental but never-ending decline in real wages, the loss of so many high-wage jobs under the global corporate-capitalist swindle facetiously called “free trade”, and the loss even of any real employment stability or job security. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaSmoke & Mirrors
But does Trudeau even really care at all? After all, having been born with a silver spoon in his mouth and having grown up surrounded by opportunities to which so few Canadians ever have access,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTrickle-Down Economics he’s never experienced any kind of material hardship or financial insecurity.
And while Trudeau The Boy may look sincere when he’s telling the TV cameras of his great empathy for the less fortunate, the bought-and-paid-for presstitutes at his photo ops and media scrums seem to be so enamored of his “boyish” charm in the glare of the spotlights focussed on him that they lose all sight of the grim reality hidden behind Trudeau’s highly-polished veneer.
And a clear and simple part of that reality is that even a billion pretty words from the piehole of a pretty-boy prime minister will not diminish the real suffering of so many Canadians even one iota.
Maybe someday pretty boy Justin Trudeau will actually grow up and matureaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaSubstance & Style and understand that his flippant responses and silly smile – actually a cynical smirk – when challenged on his failures and omissions – do not alter the reality of his government’s tawdry record. Someday, when Trudeau The Boy actually becomes a man, he might come to realize that substance – or lack thereof – always trumps style.
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