The vultures of unrestrained & unrepentant criminal corporate capitalism have stooped to such a depth of depravity that in today’s dog-eat-dog global jungle & cesspool, if you’re not a sleazy predator then you are certain to be savaged prey

By Henry McRandall

The psychopathic and molly-coddled greed of the Top1% – the parasitic billionaires and mega-millionaires who create NO wealth but skim their massive and illicit private wealth off the backs and the blood, sweat and tears of the grotesquely exploited rank-and-file aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagreedfrontline workers WHO CREATE ALL WEALTH – has become so brutal, so murderous and so genocidal in its total immunity from felony prosecution or from any meaningful accountability that anyone who dares to not bow beforeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagenocide the altar of Mammon and prostrate themselves before the demented and delusional denizens of death and destruction now places their own very survival at peril.
This extremely tiny but un-elected cadre of self-anointed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMasters“masters of the universe” have become so massively and undeservedly wealthy and so massively and undeservedly powerful that in their arsenal of barbaric weaponry for brainwashing and brutalizing the masses – the Other99% – the massively armed military and the increasingly militarized police forces of the governments they ownaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMilitarized Police in the U.S., the U.K., Canada and across the EU and much of the world, are no longer alone as the most devastating weapon in the class warfareaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaClass Warfare the so-called Ownership Class has waged non-stop against the Working Class for more than 500 years. No, the psychopathic Top1% now has at least five otheraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWeapons weapons of mass destruction and/or mass neutralization in its satanic arsenal – and they are:

1) Their puppet political prostitutes whose scatalogical presence now befouls the airaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPuppet of almost every corridor of power in the world;
2) The petrified presstitutes of the woefully corrupt mainstream media now so cowedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMedia that they dare not utter or type a word or thought that might displease their billionaire and mega-millionaire employersaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaFake News and are now – and almost unanimously – little more than glorified stenographers;
3) The prostitute preachers in the so-called “Christian” conservative pulpitsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPreachers who have so bastardized the teachings of Jesus Christ as to make them unrecognizable as they deny Jesus’ lifelong message that capitalist greed was the deadliest sin and mis-represent Jesus as identifying lust as the deadliest sin. It would seem that so-called “freedom of religion” is today no more than a Luciferious compromise that makes God hucksterism a big and profitable businessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaGod hucksters and lets the wealthy perpetrators of the literally deadliest sin – capitalist greed – completely off the hook;
4) The prostitute professors in the university faculties so diminished by reductions in public financing of higher education that they’ve had to go cap in hand and prostrate themselvesaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCaptive Faculties before the criminal corporations that now select their faculty and dictate their curriculum; and
5) The prostrate prostitute teachers in both the public and private education systems so willing to participate in the brainwashing and the compulsory mis-education of young minds through the false and deceptive historical narrative they submit so meekly to promulgating.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHistory
They are all co-conspirators pandering to the most undeserving special interests; aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaFear Mongeringpoisoning the minds of the masses with their endless fear-mongering, hate-mongering and war-mongering; and contributing vastly to not only dumbing-down humankind but also to promoting mindless gadgetry, gimmickry, illusion and delusion whose short-term, medium-term and long-term impact can only be counter-productive.
The mindless participants in this broad unspoken conspiracyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHate mongering have no scruples, no morals, no real concern about right or wrong or about the consequences for others of their base amorality. And the victims of such a sordid socioeconomic disaster are, by and large, too brainwashed, too timid, too cowering, too confused and too alienated from their fellow victims to ever unite and nurture the ironclad solidarity that would be necessary if there was to be any hope whatsoever of successfully confronting the common enemy – the Top1%, the billionaires and mega-millionaires who have stolen so much from so many.
Those six weapons of mass destruction and mass abuse mingling within the Top1%’s class-warfare arsenalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWar Mongering – the violent and coercive power of a captured and co-opted state and the five distinct groups cited above that have all aided and abetted the psychopathic lawlessnessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBrainwashing of the so-called Ownership Class must no doubt salve their troubled consciences by telling themselves that they are simply obeying orders, that they are simply doing what is expected of them, and that as evil as their complicity might be, it’s okay because it’s “just business.”
And no one has to tell them what is expected of them. By the time a child becomes an adult, he or she has been well schooled. They know – at least subconsciously – how evil the system is that they are prepared to serve.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAlienation And they are quite content to fight over crumbs with their fellow victims and to claim some sort of moral achievement when they manage to attain even a single crumb more than their neighbor.
Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all is that by selling their soulsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaOwnership Class for such a paltry return and abandoning their fellow victims to their own feeble devices, every single person who submits to this immoral travesty is cheating not only his or her fellow victims – but also himself or herself – of any possibility of ever righting the massive wrongsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaObeying Orders that are being routinely perpetrated on a daily basis by an Ownership Class whose illicit wealth and illicit power have become so massive that they are now not only not accountable to anyone at all but are also exempt from any kind of felony prosecution – unless other extremely wealthy members of the Ownership Class are also among their victims.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRighting a wrong
The rapacious and genocidal vultures of criminal corporate capitalism deserve to be stripped of their illicit wealth and power – not next century, not next decade, not next year, not even next month but NOW!
Is this truly the kind of world and the kind of morally bankrupt socioeconomic system that we all want to immortalize? Or will we,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBob Marley collectively, in the immortal words of the late, great Bob Marley, “get up, rise up, stand up” for our rights?
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