The shrill, sordid response of the federal Conservatives to Omar Khadr’s expected cash compensation shows Canada’s bastion of right-wing lunacy is still mired in the muck of racism & bigotry

By Henry McRandall

Canada’s federal Conservative Party is now going ape-shit over speculation that LiberalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaGo Ape Shit Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is about to apologize to heinously abused and illegally prosecuted child soldier Omar Khadr and confirm that the government will compensate KhadraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaOmar Khadr child for the violation of his constitutional rights – to the tune of possibly $10 million or more.
Having such useless Conservative tools as Ontario MP Erin O’Toole demand that any such payment be awarded not to Khadr but to the families of his alleged American victims reveals that this fear-mongering, hate-mongering,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaErin O'Toole war-mongering party has not changed its vicious stripes – even with the election of a new leader almost as pretty but nowhere near as intelligent and open-minded as now politically-departed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaScheerinterim leader Rona Ambrose.
On top of displaying their abysmal ignorance on national TV and appealing to the xenophobic instincts of their lunatic white-supremacist base,

the party has now actually begun fundraising aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRona Ambrosevia a vicious attack on what was the only morally-defensible resolution of the Khadr affair – that this wrongly-prosecuted and likely innocent child soldier deservesaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaFear Mongerng and should get both a formal apology from the federal government for its gross violation of his most basic human rights AND massive financial compensation.
It was primarily under the aegis of the gangster Stephen Harper Conservative regime –aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaStephen Harper which refused to seek Khadr’s repatriation to Canada from Amerikkka’s barbaric hellhole aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHate Mongersat Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – that the child soldier was routinely tortured and robbed of more than 10 years of his young life under both Republican U.S. president George W. Bush andaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBush & Obama Democratic president Barack Obama.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHate mongering
Omar Khadr was the innocent 15-year-old Afghan-Canadian dual citizen who got caught up in a firefight between U.S. and al-Qaeda forces during a visit to the region with his Dad who was an alleged member of the terrorist group that was actually created, financed, and armed by the U.S. Amidst the gunfire, Omar was injured and is alleged to have tossed a hand grenade that killed one U.S. soldier & injured another.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAl Qaeda
Under international law, Omar Khadr was a child soldier and ANY effort – BY ANYONE – to prosecute him for any such action would be ILLEGAL. Moreover, it was only after more than a decade of never-ending trauma at Guantanamo, during which he steadfastly asserted his innocence, and facing the likelihood that the rest of his life would be spent caged in this Amerikkkan torture chamber, he finally succumbed and agreed to the plea bargain that would allow him to complete his illegal sentence in a Canadian prison and perhaps someday be paroled – but that would also REQUIRE HIM to also plead guilty to a crime he could not possibly have committed.
What now makes the tawdry travesty that has already been perpetrated against Omar Khadr by the governments of both the U.S. and Canada even more diabolical is that the families of Omar Khadr’s alleged victims are now suing for even more massive compensation from Khadr – beyond even the bizarre awards already issued by corrupt American courts.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaChild soldiersaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaOmar Khadr now
Under international law, not only could Omar Khadr not even possibly be guilty of any criminal offence, it is not even legal for a combatant or the survivors of a combatant killed or injured on the battlefield to sue combatants on the other side who may have caused the death or injury.
Common sense, international law and basic morality all dictate that Omar Khadr SHOULD receive apologies – not just from the government of Canada but also from the government of the United States of Amerikkka – and that he SHOULD receive massive financial compensation from both of these rogue nations – and then that he SHOULD also be left alone to get on with the task of healing from the massive wounds and traumas that have been unjustly inflicted upon him.
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