The biggest threats to U.S. & world security today are The Madman In The White House, his gangster regime & his slimy base of Klansmen, neo-Nazis, white supremacists & other delusional, hate-mongering & war-mongering thugs

By Henry McRandall

The abject and nauseating failure of Republican United States President Donald Trump on Saturday to aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaDonald Trumpimmediately name and denounce the alt-right coalition of white supremacist, neo-Nazi & KKK thugs responsible for that morning’s deadly violenceaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCahrlottesville riots in Charlottesville, Virginia will no doubt go down in history as one of the greatest moral failings of any national leader since the end of World War 2.
As I watched the Orange Orangutan disinterestedly read from a script obviously written by someone else aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaSteve Bannonand then gaze intently into the TV cameras as he emphasized at the end that he was blaming “many sides”, it appeared to be Donald Trump’s clear intention that the delusional hate-mongering and war-mongering losers who make up his base would understand that those final three words,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWords Matter the three words that he emphatically repeated – “On many sides” – were spoken from his own heart and that the scripted preamble that he’d read without glancing at the camera or displaying any emotion whatsoever were simply a meaningless text provided to him by someone else.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaKu Klux Klan
The Amerikkkan president’s utter failure to perform his duty to serve ALL Americans in response to this heinous hate crime point to only two possible and permissible inferences – either that Trump aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaNeo Nazisis himself so delusional and mentally unstable as to have momentarily lost all contact with reality or that he himself is, at heart, very much part-and-parcel of the hate-mongering,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWhite Supremacist Terrorism war-mongering trash that make up so much of his political base.
Either way, the effect of those three words “on ALL sides” was to openly and overtly equate good with evil – to emphatically imply that those who came to Charlottesville to stand courageously against the vile and venomous hate-mongering and war-mongering white supremacist, neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan trash that embody the so-called “alt-right” were as guilty and as blameworthy as the haters they came to confront.
EVERY so-called “Christian” in Amerikkka should now be asking himself or herself whether the madman they put in the White House could actually be the Biblical Antichrist –aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Antichrist preparing to unleash the torrential savagery of Armageddon and the Apocalypse. And EVERY semi-literate RWNJ jack-in-the-pulpit “Christian” conservative God huckster who urged his flock to vote for this diabolical and demented con artist should now be praying for massive mercy in the face of the harsh eternal damnationaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaGod hucksters that his anti-Christian treachery has no doubt earned him.
Even Trump’s half-hearted naming of the KKK, neo-Nazi and white supremacist terrorist entities behind Saturday’s murderous savagery at the tail end of a brief and deceptively-rosy economic statement this afternoon was not only far too little and far too late, it was another sorry travesty that was blatantly ended with yet another dog-whistle to his satanic base. His final words – “and other groups” – were yet another disgusting, sociopathic and thinly-coded message to a base long accustomed to the use of the most primitive coding that pervades RWNJ dog whistles. They were yet another sleazy attempt to project the shame and shift the blame onto other, innocent entities; another sleazy attempt to equate good and evil.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaDog Whistles
Moreover, the announcement that the justice department has opened a civil rights investigation into the atrocity is almost laughable when you consider that the man overseeing the civil rights division is none other than Good Ole Cracker Attorney-General Jeff Sessions, whose own career-long judicial legacy is one of routine covert and even overt racism. This civil rights investigation will begin with no credibility and no moral aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaJeff Sessionslegitimacy unless Sessions immediately recuses himself from ANY involvement whatsoever with his department’s civil rights division.
Donald Trump, his rogue and gangster regime, and his loser base of KKK, neo-Nazi and white supremacist hatemongering and warmongering terrorists pose, by far, the greatest threat to both U.S.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWhite Supremacist Terrorism and world security today. It’s terrifying to ponder how much more death and destruction they might wreak – both at home and abroad – before they are finally brought to heel by impeachment, felony prosecution and/or other means.
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