NEWS: Today’s horrific crisis in indigenous child welfare was the inevitable result of 500 years of genocidal brutality – sanctioned by terrorist British aristocratic occupiers

By Henry McRandall

Seventy-three years after the Allied seizure of the death camp at Auschwitz, Poland, neither the mainstream media nor the puppet political prostitutes of the Top1% seem willing to ever let us forget the Holocaust unleashed by the depraved mind of Adolf Hitler.
I’m certainly NOT a Holocaust denier. It certainly happened, and it certainly WAS one of the most horrific chapters in history. But it also CERTAINLY was NOT THE WORST genocide in history. The TWO worst – both of which continue to this day – were the two ongoing genocides that began largely in North America 500 years ago. Those were the still unfinished genocides against the Africans who were kidnapped and brought to the so-called “New World” to be slaves FOREVER and against the indigenous peoples from whom the entire so-called “New World” was stolen.

We can wax poetic about how those genocides began in “different times,” but we would be flogging a dead horse. The Bible to which the genocidal occupiers and human traffickers alleged total devotion and which allegedly inspired their monstrous savagery – in the name of “Christianity” – had been circulating in Europe for more than a thousand years and all of those “God-fearing”, “church-going” “Christian” aristocrats who set out to invade, occupy and loot the lands and the treasures of others all were well versed in The Ten Commandments, among which were the Commandments “thou shalt not kill” and “thou shalt not steal.”
For 500 years, Canada’s indigenous population has been terrorized and brutalized in the cynical name of “Christianity”. The mission of the pedophile Catholic priests and the equally pedophile missionaries from various Protestant sects was supposedly to “save of souls” of these indigenous “pagans”.
To “save their souls” how? By stealing and destroying the natural wealth and the pristine air, water and soil with which the indigenous peoples had lived in harmony for millennia? By scalping their men, raping their women and committing savage sexual assaults upon their children? By imprisoning their children in residential schools whose sole intent – we can now recognize in hindsight – was to give these Satanic “Christian” clerics the freedom – and the authority – to subject these children to horrific abuse? To raise these kidnapped indigenous children in circumstances where they would learn that sex between adults and children was acceptable and to bring them to adulthood thoroughly detached from their own cultures and from any notion of how to be parents to their own future children?
Right-wingers and other unmitigated liars and bigots might scream that “throwing money at the problem” is not the solution. And while I hate to be the one to refute their lies and denounce their obvious bigotry, the simple truth of the matter is that “throwing” massive amounts of money – in the form of partial reparations for the massive damage that has been inflicted over the course of dozens of generations – IS very much a part of the solution. Full-fledged self-determination and self-government must also be very much a part of the solution.
The recognition and acceptance – by the descendants of those Satanic “Christian” European invaders and occupiers – of the damage that has been done and of the massive debts that are still owing MUST be the largest part of an ongoing pursuit of long-term reconciliation. Why not start TODAY? To learn more about the feeble efforts the federal Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is doing about the crisis, you might want to check out:

You can also learn more about the tragic story of one indigenous child who died trying to flee the pedophile brutality of 100 years of residential schools for indigenous children, late Tragically Hip lead singer Gord Downie’s multimedia project The Secret Path and about Gord Downie’s mission here:

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