NEWS: Halifax finally tears down the statue of its genocidal terrorist founder – British aristocrat Edward Cornwallis

By Henry McRandall

Like his fellow emissaries from the European Ownership Class or Top1% who oversaw the invasion and brutally genocidal occupations of all of the so-called “New World” (i.e. the Americas), British so-called “governor” of Nova Scotia and “founder” of Halifax, Lieutenant-General Edward Cornwallis, made absolutely no effort to conceal his hatred of the indigenous Mi’kmaq population and his plan to slaughter as many of them as possible as the so-called “mother country”, England, prepared to loot yet another colonial conquest.
Long before returning to England and marrying the daughter of the first British prime minister, Cornwallis boldly offered a huge bounty to any white man who could “take prisoner or scalp” a Mi’kmaq. He later added another bounty to any white man who took Mi’kmaq woman and children prisoner. Yet while the textbooks in Canada’s public schools have always tended to depict the indigenous peoples as the primary aggressors after the so-called “settlers” began arriving, the simple truth is that most of the actual savagery was perpetrated by the European invaders.

This was the brutally genocidal nature of the “Christian” European powers as their lust for total conquest of the generally peaceful foreign lands they sought to invade, conquer, occupy, rape and loot became insatiable. And it was high time on February 4, 2018 that the Halifax statue commemorating one of the most evil louts in Canada’s often ugly history be removed from its lofty pedestal and relegated to the trashbin of history.
As has been the case in so many rabidly racist Amerikkkan cities where the victims of the two worst – and still ongoing – genocides in history – that against the indigenous peoples from whom the Americas were stolen and that against the Africans kidnapped and transported across the Atlantic Ocean to be slaves forever – the descendants of the victims of these atrocities have had to fight tooth-and-nail to get even this minimal gesture of basic justice.
Ironically, the so-called Ownership Class or Top1% also needed a third category of victims to complete the Satanic troika of corporate capitalism’s “divide-and-conquer” strategy – and that group was the white newcomers arriving from Europe as the indentured servants of the wealthy “patrons” who financed their passage across the Atlantic Ocean. And as long as a socioeconomic system (i.e., corporate capitalism) based on the massive enrichment of a tiny minority at huge expense to the grotesquely exploited masses.
The toppling of the entire global edifice of corporate capitalism cannot possibly come soon enough!
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