NEWS: Donald Trump’s white-supremacist, “divide-&-conquer” goals re immigration could trigger widespread U.S. social unrest & long-term economic decline

By Henry McRandall

It may be difficult to discern – from minute to minute – exactly where The Madman In The White House stands on U.S. immigration policy, but one thing is undeniably clear: he believes that Amerikkkans whose skin color resembles his should be at the top of the Amerikkkan social & economic totem poles and that everyone else needs to “know their place.”
As much as Trump’s efforts to further divide – and thereby further conquer – an already dangerously divided U.S. population may excite his “deplorable” supporters and inspire them to fantasize about a return to some mythical past American “greatness”, the simple truth is that his undeniable racism, misogyny (i.e., hatred of women) and all-around bigotry – if they should become the base of future U.S. immigration policy – can only lead to both social and economic disaster.

Whether Trump and his largely semi-literate cult of racists, bigots, hate-mongers and war-mongers like it or not, the simple reality after almost four decades of “trickle-down” economics – the greatest scam and the greatest swindle in economic history – the U.S. desperately needs more – not less – immigration if it is to have ANY hope of providing for the urgent long-term needs of its rapidly aging population.
As the U.S. workforce begins to shrink and the healthcare needs of a rapidly growing population of seniors expand, the growing shortage of skilled workers will also lead to growing economic dislocation and an inevitable long-term decline in the overall U.S. economy.
Donald Trump may not be the first United States president to seek to further enrich himself and his ilk of insatiably greedy billionaires and mega-millionaires by dividing the masses against each other and forcing them to fight amongst themselves for the crumbs being brushed off the banquet tables of the Top1% or so-called Ownership Class, but he may be the first Amerikkkan president whose overly aggressive class warfare against the Other99% – combined with his abysmal ignorance of how the overall economy actually works – could thrust his country into an irreversible economic decline.

To learn more about Donald Trump’s perverse and confused views on immigration, please check out Peter Certo’s expose in

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