NEWS: Can a tiny Halifax Ecojustice committee pave the way for a new multiracial & multicultural coalition promoting social justice & fighting the corporate agenda?

By Henry McRandall

The collapse in the early 1970s of the broad coalition of disparate interest groupsaaaaaaaRevolutionaryFight that nearly launched a worldwide revolution and forced the Top1% andaaaaaaaBanquetTables their puppet political prostitutes in all the corridors of power to brush a few more crumbs off their banquet tables in the late 1960s for the less fortunate, left a voidaaaaaaaVoid in the arena of social and political activism that has yet to be filled.

Some – such as the Idle No More movement,aaaaaaIdleNoMore the Occupy Wall St. movement, aaaaaaOccupyWallStthe Black Lives Matter movement and, most recently,aaaaaaBLM the #MeToo movement – have tried in recent years. But to date noneaaaaaaMeToo has managed to so grip the popular mind in such a fashion as to inspire a sustained level of commitment and involvement.
If the Sexy Sixties (the 1960s, of course) taught us anything, it is that an irresistible force – such as a broad-based coalition from within the Other99% –aaaaaaSexySixties can indeed move an immovable object – such as the might of the Top1%’s corporate-capitalist edifice.
Have we totally lost faith in our collective power in the dreary decadesaaaaaaInspiration since then or have we simply failed to find a movement that can inspire and motivate us to once again struggleaaaaaaMotivation for much-need political, social and economic transformation?
There is one group – among a relative few today – that does have the potential – starting in Halifax, Nova ScotiaaaaaaaHalifax and perhaps gradually extending its influence far beyond – that does offer at least a flicker of hope, a tiny spark of lightaaaaaaSolidarityHalifax in the long dark tunnel of the “trickle-down” scam.
To learn more about Solidarity Halifax and its ground-breaking Ecojustice Committee, check out what discovered:
Towards an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial environmentalism

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