It’s time for Canada to lead a worldwide retreat from the savage travesty of corporate-style “free trade” that’s done nothing but further enrich the world’s Top1% – at the expense of everyone else

By Henry McRandall

Throughout his presidential election campaign last year, compulsive liar Donald Trump aaaaaaaaaaaaaTrumprepeatedly attacked free trade and promised to end it. His attacks and his promises were appropriate. But since becoming aaaaaaaaaaaaacompulsive liarspresident, babbling billionaire “The Donald” has toned down his language about free trade almost to a whisper. Instead of tearing up those “free trade” deals, the neo-fascist U.S. president now only wants to “tweak” them. I guess, as warmongering “closet bigot” Hillary aaaaaaaaaaaaaHillaryClinton was taped surreptitiously telling the billionaire backers of her own failed presidential campaign, politicians make one set of aaaaaaaaaaaaaTrickle Downpromises to the public and another behind closed doors to the real, un-elected Ownership- Class rulers who pull the strings of the puppet political prostitutes they’ve already bought and paid for.
The simple truth is that EVERY ONE of these corporate-style, so-called “free trade” deals – aaaaaaaaaaaaaFree Tradecombined with 35 years of their massive Siamese-twin scam of so-called “trickle-down” economics – has aaaaaaaaaaaaaCETAdone absolutely nothing other than grotesquely further enrich the billionaires and mega-millionaires whose illicit wealth is already far, far, far more than any of them deserve and whose unbridled greed and psychopathic exploitation of workers have devastated most of the Other99%. It’s time to drive a stake through the heart of blood-sucking “free trade” – and there is no country in the world better positioned to lead the march back toward a greater level of economic and social justice and political sanity than Canada.

Let’s start with CETA (the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement) that Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, newly-minted Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, other self-congratulatory members of his government and aaaaaaaaaaaaaChrystia, Justinthe presstitutes of the mainstream media have been so proudly chirping about over the past couple of weeks. Trudeau has called CETA “the model for all future free-trade agreements” because it allegedly protects the interests of workers – as every other “free trade” agreement has so brutally failed to do. aaaaaaaaaaaaaUnited Nations
But a report released this morning and authored by economists from the United Nations and from Delft University in the Netherlands reveals that the claims of CETA “protecting the interests of workers” are nothing but cynical lies by Canada’s federal Liberal government and by the complicit mainstream media.aaaaaaaaaaaaaJob Losses The economists’ study found that CETA will actually result in THE LOSS OF 23,000 JOBE in Canada and 227,000 more in Europe over the next six year. It also found that it will cost aaaaaaaaaaaaaFalling Wagesthe average Canadian worker almost $2,500 a year in lost income and the average European worker almost $1,900 a year in lost income. It will, of course, supposedly increase Canada’s annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by $12 BILLION or 0.7 percent of GDP.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to figure out that this will translate into nothing more and nothing less than another massive – and massively immoral – transfer of wealth and income aaaaaaaaaaaaaPsychopathsfrom workers to the Top1% – those psychopathically-greedy billionaires and mega-millionaires cited above – whose illicit and massively under-taxed wealth has already reached such enormous dimensions as to be indefensible – on either moral OR economic grounds.
With 19,597,700 Canadians in the labour force in January, 2017 – according to Statistics Canada – and each of them forfeiting $2,460 a year in potential earnings, it means that – collectively – Canada’s labour force will be losing MORE THAN $48 BILLION A YEAR, at a time WHEN THE ENTIRE ECONOMY IS $12 BILLION aaaaaaaaaaaaaparasitesRICHER. That means that the Top1% – the billionaires and mega-millionaires of the greed-obsessed Ownership Class – which already owns as much as half of the entire Canadian population – will not only be getting 100% of the country’s GDP growth, but it will also be STEALING ANOTHER $48 BILLION A YEAR from the struggling Other99%.aaaaaaaaaaaaaOxfam
A couple of weeks ago, the international anti-poverty organization Oxfam released a report – on the very same day that the very wealthy and a selection of their worldwide puppet political prostitutes and mainstream media presstitutes were opening their annual confab in Davos, Switzerland, to congratulate themselves on their enormous success at looting the worldwide masses and plot further transfers of wealth, income and power FROM THE OTHER99% TO THE WORLD’S REAL, SELF-ANOINTED AND UN-ELECTED RULERS – the psychopathic billionaire and mega-millionaire gangster banksters and the robber barons of crony corporate capitalism.
Oxfam’s report revealed that just 6 – that’s right just six – mega-billionaires now have as much wealth as 50% of the entire world’s population. A year ago it took 62 of the pampered, genocidal, predatory swine to own as much as half the world. Will it be just 2 (that’s right, two) mega-billionaires who own half the world next year? And maybe just one the year after?aaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Gap
When does the incremental impoverishment of the masses – the Other99% – on the altar of unrestrained capitalist greed – end? If it is indeed to end before the Ownership Class’s covert 500-year-old “divide-and-conquer” strategy results in total global economic and societal collapse – and possibly even a Third World War – it will require the leadership of a country such as Canada.
No other country is as well-positioned as Canada to take up such a leadership role. Given Canada’s massive natural wealth, its vast size and relatively-sparse population, its geographic location, its possession of more ocean coastline – on each of three oceans – than any other country in the world and of more than half of all the fresh water in the world, its vast share of the treasure trove of Arctic resources that will inevitably become accessible even if global warning were to slow, its well-educated and highly-productive labour force, and its unique success with blossoming multiculturalism – the AVERAGE Canadian, at least in theory, should be enjoying by far the highest standard of living in the world. aaaaaaaaaaaaaEuropean aristocracy
But that’s not the case.
And that’s because ever since Europeans discovered – by accident – that the world was indeed not flat and discovered, also by accident, – in attempting to find another sea route between Europe and Asia -, the so-called “New World”, the transplanted European ruling class and its descendants have been waging – and still are waging – the two worst genocides in history, – in order to ensure that the unimaginably vast wealth of this great land north of the 49th Parallel would never be shared collectively – either by the aboriginal population that had been here for thousands of years before the Europeans began their genocidal plunder or by the constant inflow of immigrants – primarily from Europe but more recently also from elsewhere. Rather, this enormous wealth was to be forever monopolized by both a domestic and a foreign Ownership Class who were to be forever free to exploit this great land, its once-pristine environment and the rank-and-file frontline labour force that actually CREATES ALL WEALTH.aaaaaaaaaaaaaGenocide
In future essays we’ll explore just how Canada can now lead the world toward a decimation of the grotesque gap between The Rich & The Rest and replace “rule of the people, by The Rich (and their puppet political prostitutes in almost every corridor of power on Earth), FOR The Rich” with REAL democracy based on political, economic, environmental, criminal, civil, racial and social justice and inclusion.
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