Has all-out revolution become the only possible solution to the corporate-capitalist sham “democracy” that’s beggaring almost the entire world?

By Henry McRandall

Almost anywhere in the world one looks today there is chaos or near-chaos as the looting of the global aaaaaaaaaaCorrupt Mediaeconomy by the Top1% – aided and abetted by their puppet political prostitutes in almost every corridor of power, by the corrupt corporate-controlled mainstream media,aaaaaaaaaaPublic Schools by the public education systems, and by many organized religions – has savaged the finances of a very large portion of the Other99% – the rank-and-file, frontline workers who actually create ALL wealth. The massive transfer of wealth and of income aaaaaaaaaaDistribution of Wealthfrom the productive majority to the parasitical and predatory Ownership Class over the past 35+ years has been nothing but the most massive unprosecuted swindle in the 500-year history of corporate capitalism.
And the “democratic elections” – especially across North America and the European Union – aaaaaaaaaaSham Democracythat were supposed to be the mechanism through which entire national populations could arrive at an equitable consensus on the distribution of wealth, income and power have now been reduced – almost everywhere – to nothing more than political theater and the most diabolical sham ever perpetrated upon the masses. To put it quite simply, the western world’s sham called “democracy” has now been “captured” by the Ownership Class – or the Top1% – who’ve turned the legislatures across North America and the European Union into their playpens and the “elected” representatives of the people into little more than puppet political prostitutes – the “toys” of the real but un-elected “master class.”
The usurpation of almost all political, social, economic and judicial power by an un-elected, psychopathic and extremely small minority has – in recent decades – reduced the trappings of so-called “democracy” to nothing more than a cynical and duplicitous facade. It has rendered anyone who dares to dissent – even by mere peaceful protestaaaaaaaaaaPeaceful Protest – against the skyjacking of national/global wealth and power instantly susceptible to heinous brutality by militarized police forces, aaaaaaaaaaMilitarized Policecriminal prosecution on trumped-up charges and, oftentimes, even much worse.

If even widespread peaceful protests fall on deaf ears and closed eyes and minds, and if all other avenues of reasonable and urgent redress of legitimate grievances have been effectively dismantled, what other alternative remains but all-out revolution? Consider, if you will:
1. The Madman In The White House and his gangster regime. Donald Trump got aaaaaaaaaaNasty Donald Trumpelected U.S. president because the now near-tax-exempt billionaires and mega-millionaires and the corrupt corporations they control foisted upon American voters a simple and unsavory choice between two candidates who had both already been bought and paid for – Lucifer (Hillary) Clinton and Satan (Donald) Trump.aaaaaaaaaaNasty Hillary Even if they had chosen instead to elect Green Party candidate Jill Stein, this third-party president would have been totally at the mercy of a bought-and-paid-for Democratic or Republican Congress. Other than invading and occupying defenceless foreign countries, almost all federal power in the U.S. is exercised not by the president but by Congress.
2. Just two weeks ago in France, voters elected neoliberal Emmanuel MacronaaaaaaaaaaMacron & Le Pen as their new president because in the second round of voting the only other choice was neofascist white supremacist Marine Le Pen. Macron had been part of the neoliberal regime of outgoing “Socialist” French president Francois Hollande that was widely detested because of its harsh austerity policies. Macron has now promised to extent Hollande’s cruel austerity even further.
3. Consider the mass confusion in the United Kingdom following the passage of a referendum on secession from the European Union and the issue of Scottish secession from the United Kingdom. Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May –aaaaaaaaaaNasty Therese May who only came to power last year – called a snap election for less than two weeks from now to bolster her plan for pulling the U.K. out of the EU. Widely expected to win at the outset of the campaign, the race is now becoming much closer as Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn aaaaaaaaaaNasty Jeremy Corbynhas slashed May’s polling lead in recent days. And, once again, public frustration over policies of government austerity that they cannot seem to alter have played a major role.
4. In recent years, fledgling anti-austerity parties have swept to power in austerity-devastated GreeceaaaaaaaaaaGreece and Spain. But – in both countries – aaaaaaaaaaSpanish Austerityno sooner had the vote totals been tallied than the real, un-elected masters – the Top1% or Ownership Class – quickly stepped in to inform the newly-elected governments that – whether they liked it or not – they would not be ALLOWED to veer away from austerity.
5. In November, 2015, Canadians elected a new federal Liberal majority under Justin Trudeau who surged to victoryaaaaaaaaaaNasty Justin Trudeau in the final weeks of the campaign after NDP leader Thomas Mulcair bizarrely promised – on September 25, 2015 – that, if elected, his erstwhile social-democratic, working-class party would balance its budget in its first year in power. Such an ill-advised promise enabled Justin Trudeau to tell his wife, Sophie Gregoire, that night that Mulcair had just handed the Liberals a majorityaaaaaaaaaaNasty Thomas Mulcair and opened the door for Trudeau to promise the very day that a Liberal government would do the very opposite and run up an annual deficit of as much as $30 billion if that was what it would take to tackle Canada’s festering problem of high unemployment, high under-employment and shrinking real wages. The Trudeau regime is certainly delivering high deficits, but in its first 18 months in power it has little but dance around its lofty campaign promises.
Clearly, the will of the people is no longer of any real importance of the bought-and-paid-for puppet political prostitutes of the Top1%. Peaceful protests either fall on deaf ears and blind eyes or are met with harsh and sometimes savage brutality and repression. If all other means of forcing governments that no longer respond to the legitimate grievances and demands of the masses to change courseaaaaaaaaaaRevolution2 have now been rendered futile, what other possible choice could there be other than all-out revolution?
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