FLASHBACK: 59 yrs. ago this week, revolutionary hero Fidel Castro seized control of Cuba from a U.S.-backed and Mafia-controlled dicator – and Uncle Sam still can’t quite get used to it

By Henry McRandall

It required a massive and grueling struggle, but after two long years, Fidel Castro and his 28th of July movement finally deposed CIA-installed and U.S.-Mafia-controlled Cuban dictator Fulgencio Bautista, who had seized power in 1952.
Ousting a dictator as brutal as Bautista – who had the backing of the world’s dominant superpower – was a daunting challenge for a ragtag peasant army. The names of most of those valiant fighters might never be known to us, but among them were three moral and intellectual giants – Fidel Castro and his younger brother, Raul – both of whom would come to preside over the Caribbean island nation – and Che Guevara – who would be a key part of the socialist Castro government from 1959 until he left Cuba in 1965.
Che Guevara went on to inspire and lead revolutionary movements elsewhere in Latin America and also in Africa before being caught by the CIA and a band of Bolivian army underlings in October, 1967.

Over the course of the next six decades Fidel Castro and, most recently, his younger brother Raul would lead Cuba and, in some ways, rule it with an iron hand – in particular with regard to their very harsh treatment of political dissidents.
Yet while Cuba has indeed been abusive of human rights over the course of the Castro decades, it had little other option if the dirt-poor island country’s leftist government and – in particular – its long-time lead Fidel Castro were to survive a severe U.S. blockade, harsh economic sanctions and numerous attempts by the CIA and other covert U.S. agencies to assassinate or depose the revolutionary icon.
Fidel was a Marxist-Leninist whose overwhelming commitment to social justice and economic egalitarianism who managed – despite enormous and unyielding challenges – to develop among the finest educational and health-care systems anywhere on Earth. Today it has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, a life expectancy several years longer than that of Americans or Canadians and a much lower infant death rate than the U.S.
And while Uncle Sam and his “allies” and assorted lapdogs – and their mainstream media propagandists – are fond of decrying human rights abuses in Cuba and other struggling nations, the undeniable reality is that human rights abuses are just as rampant in the U.S. and Canada and the rest of Uncle Sam’s allies and lapdogs both inside and outside of NATO. The only difference is that while human rights abuses in “those other” countries are most often quite visible, Uncle Sam and his allies have the economic and technological capability of destroying the lives of dissenters much more covertly and invisibly.

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