As the luster fades from the “boyish charm” of Cdn. PM Justin Trudeau, his Liberal govt.’s Year 1 legacy has turned his “leftish” campaign rhetoric into a litany of lies & public deceptions

By Henry McRandall

After a lengthy honeymoon with the voters he so cynically deluded and manipulated in the 2015 federal election campaign, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government seems to be rapidly zzJustin Trudeausinking to levels of depraved corruption and deceit far greater than any of the horrific Liberal Party scandals of the zzLiberal scandalspast. As the polls show, however, the Canadian public is beginning to catch on to the fact that their shiny new emperor really has no moral clothes and seems mired in the intellectual sandbox of destructive neoliberal/neoconservative bullshit. The greatest tragedy of Trudeau’s heinous betrayals, zzThe Emperorhowever, is that less than three years before the next federal election, NONE of the other parties – including the once-social-democratic, working-class NDP (New Democratic Party) – is really offering anything better or even different.
Canada’s entire electable political class seems to have adopted the same shameful strategy of making “one set of promises to the public and another (the only promises that are really intended to be kept) behind closed doors” (to the same tawdry cadre of Top1%ers and shameful second-tier surrogates to which they are truly and exclusively accountable). There is now no one in any of the corridors of power not at least covertly committed to the same agenda of further enrichment and further empowerment of those who already have far, far, far more than their fair share of wealth, income and power – and at any possible expense to the Other99%.zzTop1%
Let’s consider Justin Trudeau’s real record after just 15 months in power and how so many of his government’s actions have been ludicrous and outright betrayals of the promises made in his and his party’s duplicitous campaign rhetoric:

 Right out of the election gate, the “boyish charmer” promised to right the massive wrongs committed against the only real Canadians – the aboriginal peoples who inhabited this land for hundreds – if not thousands – of years before Europe accidentally learned that the world was not flat and “discovered” a so-called “New World”. Trudeau The Boy (son of the late Liberal former PM Pierre Elliot zzFirst NationsTrudeau) spoke of the 500 years of injustices with a soft and syrupy tone, promising that he and his government would right all of these wrongs with a whisk of his magic wand and the imminent allotment of a motherlode of federal cash to address these urgent issues. Well, a small amount of cash has been disbursed – but an amount infinitesimal not only by comparison with the amounts urgently needed but also by comparison with what he actually promised.
 After promising during his election campaign to enact a new law on assisted suicide that would satisfy the broad outline set forth by the Supreme Court of Canada, he cynically betrayed that zzAssisted suicidepromise by conjuring up a new law that was far more restrictive than what the Supreme Court mandated and a cruel slap in the face to thousands of Canadians who had trusted him to keep this promise and allow those suffering interminable pain and anguish to choose the time and the attendant circumstances of their deaths.
 Trudeau The Boy promised that the October, 2015 Canadian federal election would be the last won conducted under the anti-democratic first-past-the-post electoral system, making clear his intent to replace it with a system of proportional representation that would give EVERY voter’s vote equal zzProportional Repand allow Canadians whose views depart from the established mainstream to also have a voice in Parliament. That promise, of course, was made when such a change would have benefitted his Liberal Party. But when the 2015 election changed the mathematical outcome in his party’s favor, proportional representation was covertly shunted aside. After a tiny, biased and woefully inept display of “public consultation” on the matter, the Trudeaucrats recently attempted to sweep the issue under the rug, lying to the public about the government’s alleged “public consultation” and a HUGE LIE about public opinion being strongly against proportional representation.
 CETA (the Canada Europe Trade Agreement) recently “finalized” by woefully inept and hugely disingenuous Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland. At one point, Freeland – the zealously anti-Russian bigot – shed crocodile tears as she pretended that she was abruptly ending the negotiations zzCETAand abandoning the “free trade” deal. After her crocodile tears achieved the desired effect, Chrystia pranced back to the negotiating table and delivered a zzFreeland“remarkable” deal that both she and Trudeau The Boy hypocritically and falsely boasted should be the template for all future corporate-style so-called “free trade” deals because it would allegedly protect the interests of workers – unlike EVERY other “free trade” deal Canada’s already signed. But the claim that THIS “free trade” deal would protect the interests of workers was nothing more and nothing less than an outright, barefaced lie. Rather than protect the interests of workers, a far more credible study by economists from the United zzJob LossesNations and from Delft University in the Netherlands found that it would actually lead to the destruction of 23,000 jobs in Canada and more than 200,000 jobs in Europe, that it would cause the average Canadian worker to lose close to $2,500 in income and the average European worker almost $2,000 a year in lost income, and would result in yet another zzWindfall Profitsmassive profit windfall for the Top1% and the corrupt corporations they control.
 The scapegoating of Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. In this regard, Trudeau zzVladimir PutinThe Boy is totally under the destructive sway of his anti-Russian bigot Foreign Affairs Minister Freeland. Whether it’s about alleged U.S. election hacking, Crimea, the Ukraine, Syria, ISIS, or almost any other matter, Trudeau The Boy and his bigoted foreign affairs minister are simply parroting totally false U.S./NATO propaganda – when the truth in all these matters is readily accessible – and doing the bidding of the mostly American military-industrial complex. In the first place, it was the CIA that covertly ousted the zzCIAUkraine’s democratically-elected president and replaced him with a fascist, U.S.-controlled puppet president. As for Crimea, its historic roots are primarily Russian, not Ukrainian and its people had every right to choose to be re-unified with Russia. As for Syria, even capitalist U.S.-based polling firms have long conceded that the majority of the Syrian population continues to support democratically-elected President Bashar al-Assad, despite the best criminal efforts by the CIA to foment revolution in Syria and force “regime change.” Who the Syrian people choose as their government is no business at all of the U.S. or any of its NATO allies/lapdogs, including Canada. Moreover, what could possibly be wrong with detente between Russia and the western world? It’s not Russia that is seeking crony-corporate-capitalist global hegemony. It is the U.S. – aided and abetted by its NATO “partners” such as the U.K. and its NATO “lapdogs” such as Canada – that has spent trillions of dollars and killed millions of people trying to make the primarily U.S./U.K. Ownership Class – the billionaires and mega-millionaires of the Top1% – the real but un-elected “masters of the universe.”
 The promise of a first-year deficit of as much as $30 Billion – if necessary – to create jobs and upgrade Canada’s rapidly-disintegrating national and urban infrastructures was also cynically broken. Once again, the truth has been the exact opposite of the propaganda and the facade. Yes, the Justin Trudeau Liberals’ first-year budget deficit soared. But very little of that increase in spending resulted in the creation of quality jobs. Consider, if you will, the ongoing Bombardier zzCorporate Subsidiesfiasco. Between them, the governments of Canada and of Quebec have given billions of dollars in grants, subsidies, interest-free loans, etc. to the Montreal-based transportation giant. But even as Trudeau The Boy and Liberal Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard gave the latest combined tranche of government/taxpayer largesse to this grotesquely mismanaged corporation, Bombardier is moving hundreds of jobs from Canada to Mexico. No Canadian government – at any level – should be providing even one red cent of taxpayer money to ANY corporation – except for equity AT FAIR MARKET VALUE, so that the taxpayers who bail out the incompetent owners, executives and managers of a corporation get a fair share of whatever future profits their generosity has made possible. Canada’s official unemployment rate supposedly fell to 6.6% last month – its lowest level since December, 2007 – there is reason to suspect the figures have been rigged. Specifically, the new data from StatsCan suggest that the participation rate of Canadians in the labour force fell to 65.8% in February, 2017 from 65.9% in January, 2017. But the figures just don’t add up. First of all, why would the labour-force participation rate – which is the total number of persons of working age (18 to 65 years) who are either employed OR UNEMPLOYED BUT ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR A JOB. Not included in the figure are so-called “discouraged workers” who have withdrawn from the labour force. How these numbers are determined – or how these “discouraged workers” are managing to survive – is never explained. They are simply a convenient fiction. But even if they were factual, the change in the official participation rate from January, 2017 to February, 2017 would leave thousands of zzPublic Consultationworkers totally unaccounted for. Moreover, StatsCan has also reported that more than 95% of all jobs created in Canada in 2016 were either temporary and/or part-time – at or near minimum wage and with no employee benefits or employer pension plans. They have added up to nothing more than continued impoverishment of working-class Canadians over the course of the Justin Trudeau Liberals’ first year in power.
 Trudeau The Boy’s approval of two of the three pending western Canadian oil and natural gas pipelines was yet another shocking betrayal of his campaign promises – particularly with regard to Canada’s aboriginal population and its climate commitments under the recently ratified Paris Accord. Just over the course of the past week, Justin has posing for photo ops in Houston, Texas, while there to deliver a paid speech to denizens of the U.S. fossil-fuel industries.
Just this past week Trudeau The Boy FORCED his cabinet to vote AGAINST a bill introduced by a Liberal backbencher that would have prevented employers and insurance companies from forcing Canadians to undergo genetic testing and to reveal the full results to employers and to insurance companies. For a government that tries so hard to hide behind “privacy” when it suits its interests, its willingness to grossly violate Canadians’ most basic privacy right – the right to keep private information about their own genetic make-up and possible inherent health risks – is both shameful and sordid. Why is zzPrivacyTrudeau The Boy putting the profit interests of bloated corporations ahead of the privacy interests of Canadian citizens? Is Trudeau – an heir to his Daddy’s own oil fortune – already on the payroll of the fossil-fuel industries? Or does that reward really only come up after he’s been turfed out of office sometime in the future?zzGenetic Screening
Trudeau The Boy’s Christmas vacation on the private island of foreign billionaire, government lobbyist and alleged “philanthropist” the Aga Khan. Yet another disgraceful and grotesque ethical lapse on the part of a sleazeball politician who campaigned – and won a huge House of Commons majority – in large part on the promise of “open” and “transparent” government. So far, neither Justin Trudeau The Boy nor his pathetic Liberal government could have been any less “open” or “transparent” if that was their top priority.zzAga Khan
Those are just nine of the disgraceful and disgusting ways in which Trudeau The Boy and his U.S./U.K. crony-corporate-capitalist lapdog government have betrayed all Canadians. A complete list would be much, much longer. But the time of our readers being, of course, quite limited, we won’t belabor the point. Trudeau The Boy’s pretension of favoring ordinary Canadians rather than the Top1% is nothing but a cynical and hypocritical lie by yet another Top1%er rising to national power – a.k.a. Donald Trump – by claiming not to be part of the privileged Establishment of which they are both very much a part and by falsely promising to change a status quo from which they both have benefitted enormously – unlike the overwhelming majority of the voters who were conned into putting them in power.
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