www.WRISEUP.COM is an online-only newsmagazine examining Canadian, U.S. and world affairs – politics; economics; environmental affairs; social & cultural affairs; health & healthcare; labour & the workplace; law & order; crime & punishment; freedom, human rights, privacy & government surveillance; science & technology; etc. – from a very-hard-hitting, no-holds-barred, no-sacred-cows, NON-PARTISAN Libertarian-LEFTIST perspective.

Committed to social and economic justice – across Canada and around the world -; to ending current worldwide “government of the people, by the rich (and their puppet political prostitutes), FOR the rich” and a global move toward real democracy; to a massive redistribution of wealth, income, taxation & power from the Top1% to the Other99%; to the replacement of job-killing, corporate-style “free trade” with international “fair trade” based on the highest labour & environmental standards; to equal access by all to both criminal AND civil justice; to an end to government and corporate spying on citizens and consumers; to an end to government and media fear-mongering and war-mongering; and to combating theĀ  racism, misogyny (hatred of women), homophobia and other forms of bigotry that the Top1% tacitly promotes to keep the Other99% targeting their disenchantment and anger at each other in order to prevent them from ever achieving the harmony and solidarity that will be necessary if they are ever to unite as one and challenge the common enemy – the Top1% whose insatiable greed has nudged aside the legitimate needs of the Other99% and whose corrupt, crony corporate-capitalism has turned today’s world into a dog-eat-dog, corporate-capitalist jungle and cesspool. We promise to challenge the Establishment and the status quo; to speak truth to power; to examine the consequences of unfolding events – who benefits and who loses; to support our arguments with meticulously-researched evidence; and to provide our readers with a steady diet of highly-informative, highly-authoritative, highly-entertaining and highly-compelling writing. And, to paraphrase the immortal words of rock superstar Tom Petty, “www.WRISEUP.COM will not back down.”

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