A wary world watches helplessly as an abysmally-ignorant, certifiably-insane, fear-mongering, hate-mongering and war-mongering bully and buffoon takes charge of a society already devolving into lunacy

By Henry McRandall

Most of the civilized world must be gnashing its teeth as it views from afar – yet still from terrifyingly close – as a motor-mouthed madman takes the helm of a superpower whose population was already zzzDemented Trumptrending toward mass lunacy. Donald Trump’s ascension to power – and to control of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal –zzzApocalypse even has more than a few wondering whether the Biblical “end days” might be nigh as a boorish bigot with a very short fuse and an zzzBull in a China shopequally short attention span runs amok with the levers of power like a frenzied bull in a China shop.
The Donald’s obvious mental instability and the intellectual chaos that have gripped Washington, D.C.,zzzCivil War make it impossible to predict what will happen next and whether the flapping piehole of this malevolent idiot will result in a 2nd U.S. Civil War and/or a World War Three. Both possibilities will remain on the table until such time as the moron is zzzWorld War 3removed from the U.S. presidency – by resignation, by impeachment, by assassination, or even by his own Republican Party removing him – without an actual impeachment – under the provisions of the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
The question, however, that is boggling the minds of many observers is: Which will ultimately be more destructive – Trump’s domestic policies or his foreign policies?

Trump is obviously the most abysmally-ignorant U.S. president to ever occupy the White House.zzzAbysmal ignorance He can lie with a straight face – often clearly unaware that he’s lying. His depth of knowledge of any issue is so shallow that he can do several about-faces on several issues in a matter of seconds as each new question in a press scrum brings to Trump’s bizarre mind an aspect of the matter that had never previously occurred to him.zzzBoorishness His brutal boorishness and unbridled bigotry often result in savage attacks on segments of the population he knows absolutely nothing about.zzzBigotry His implicit insistence on continuing to meld the national interest with his own family business interests is both corrupt and economically destabilizing. His penchant for getting his news from the usual rabid right-wing promoters of “fake news” – such as Fox so-called “News”, Rush Limbaugh and the entire lying gaggle of radio-talk-show fear-mongers, hate-mongers and war-mongers – leaves him even more woefully and dangerously out of touch with reality.zzzBarefaced Liar
But most menacing is the fact that The Donald is just the ultimate rendition of the masterful “divide and conquer” strategy – or class warfare – that the Top1% – the Ownership Class of billionaires and mega-millionaires whose unrestrained and insatiable greed has looted the American masses for 500 years – has been waging – albeit much more covertly –zzzDivide & Conquer ever since the so-called Founding Fathers established a republic that they intended would forever be an autocratic plutocracy controlled entirely by a white male Ownership Class. Stripped now of the genteel facade that the Top1% has traditionally employed in order to keep the exploited masses brainwashed and complacent, how much longer can the puppet political prostitutes and the mainstream media presstitutes of the Top1% continue to pull the wool over the eyes of the majority? Will The Donald’s ineptitude, brazen idiocy, advancing dementia and sheer self-absorbed malevolence end up being the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back and unwittingly caused the toppling of the entire criminal edifice of crony corporate capitalism?
Other than issuing a limited variety of executive orders, there’s actually little that a United States president can do without the compliance of Congress – other than invade and occupy defenceless foreign zzzNATO aggressioncountries – aided and abetted by Amerikkka’s NATO “partners” – such as the U.K. – and “lapdogs”, such as Canada. NATO, sadly, has devolved since the collapse of the Soviet Union – more than a quarter century ago – into nothing more zzzGlobal Hegemonyand nothing less than a vehicle of naked aggression through which to assert and enforce Anglo-American crony-corporate-capitalist global hegemony.
On the domestic front, The Donald has – ever since before the launch of his presidential nomination campaign and right into the early weeks of his sordid regime – including a cabinet of billionaires and generals, clearly assembled to wage even greater class warfare against the Other99% – zzzXenophobiapressed every possible hot button of working-class frustration and mistrust – openly promoting fear of The Other – based on race, color, creed (or lack thereof), nationality, gender, sexual orientation or identity, etc. – so as to keep the anger of the victims of crony-corporate-capitalist tyranny targeted at their fellow victims – based on these petty differences – in an obvious attempt to keep the various victim demographics from ever being able to unite as one and challenge the real perps of their collectives woes and frustrations.
The massive fear-mongering, hate-mongering and war-mongering perpetrated indirectly by the Top1% via their already-bought-and-paid-for puppet political prostitutes and mainstream media presstitutes and the jack-in-the-pulpit bigots in many “Christian” churches, have had a zzzSocial Breakdownvery powerful long-term impact on the collective mainstream (especially white male) psyche. And over the course of the past 35 years – since the onset of Reaganomics or so-called “trickle-down” economics – so much wealth has been stolen from the masses for redistribution to those who already had far, far, far more than their fair share of wealth, income and power that the gap between The Rich and The Rest has simply become untenable.
The Ownership Class has become comfortably accustomed to using the Other99% as their own collective slush fund – a kind of sponge that they could just keep on squeezing and squeezing and squeezing and always be able to squeeze out just a little more of the diminishing financial lifeblood of the masses. Sooner or later, however, even a sponge becomes totally bereft of the economic moisture the insatiable greed of the Ownership Class so sordidly craves. Will the mass insanity that has been tacitly nurtured by the self-anointed “masters of the universe” not inevitably lead to widespread social breakdown and, ultimately, a new United States Civil War?
Or will it be Donald Trump’s savage and dismissive attitude toward so many foreign nations that prompts a deadly blowback?
Imagine, if you will, Donald Trump getting right in the face of his North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong-Un, another abysmally ignorant, loud-mouthed buffoon. (It was just in recent zzzKim Jong UNdays that Kim’s estranged half brother was assassinated in Malaysia and speculation is rife that the reason Kim allegedly ordered the assassination of his own half-brother is that he feared the U.S./NATO axis of aggression was poised to oust him and replace him with the estranged half-brother.) High-ranking members of the Trump regime have revealed that Trump regards North Korea as the greatest threat to U.S. national security. So what happens when these two loud-mouthed buffoons – both armed with nuclear arsenals, explosive zzzNuclear arsnealsimpulsiveness and hair-trigger fingers – both get right in each other’s faces? Would either be inclined to simply “turn the other cheek” in order to defuse a simmering confrontation? And if Trump decides to bomb North Korea – with either nuclear or zzzInsane Clown Prezconventional bombs – will nuclear-armed Russia and China just sit idly by while the Amerikkkan clown president runs amok and begins dropping bombs in their neighborhood?
Who, if anyone, will act to save America – and the world – from the horrific disaster that Trump will inevitably cause – if he is not removed from power?
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