Why Canadians must decimate the Harper Cons & Mulcair’s “centrist” NDP

By Henry McRandall,rock the vote
Editor & Publisher,

(I must preface this article by pointing out that, in addition to being a veteran, multilingual, Canadian international journalist and publishing consultant, I have been a lifelong libertarian-socialist political and social activist whose efforts on behalf of a wide-ranging and eclectic variety of progressive and leftist causes have included managing campaigns for federal NDP candidates in past elections – once in Toronto and once in Montreal – working full-time AND FOR FREE. My views are firmly supported by my university education in sociology, history and economics and a lifetime of intense self-education and massive and ongoing research into a wide variety of political, social and economic issues.)
Just a few days from now, millions of Canadians will trudge to the polls to elect a replacement for a corrupt, criminal and incompetent Stephen Harper Conservative government that has spent 10 years slowly tearing down what was becoming a relatively harmonious and mildly prospering society. Millions of other eligible voters will probably not even bother to vote. Continue reading “Why Canadians must decimate the Harper Cons & Mulcair’s “centrist” NDP”