The G20 plans war against the Other99%

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Capitalist fictionBy Henry McRandall

The G20 – the unelected global organization bringing together the leaders of the 20+ most powerful national economies in the world (plus 24 less economically-powerful countries included under the single EU [European Union] entity) – has just agreed on 900 NEW MEASURES to “improve the global economy” – or, to put it more aptly, to inject high-octane overdrive into the Top1%’s massive class warfare on the Other99%. Continue reading “The G20 plans war against the Other99%”

It’s time to smash government ‘austerity’ & start a massive redistribution of wealth

The GapBy Henry McRandall
Two new studies released in Canada and the U.S. respectively this week – and a host of other frightening recent economic developments – now make it inescapably evident that it is time to ditch “government austerity” and all the economic claptrap being spewed by the mainstream media, the gangster banksters and corporate robber barons, and the Top1%’s puppet political prostitutes and bought-and-paid-for academic assholes – the Reaganomics, or so-called “supply-side” economics, or so-called “trickle-down” economics, or – as former U.S. president George H. W. Bush aptly described it before being selected as Reagan’s vice-presidential running mate in the 1980 election – “voodoo economics” – and give power and wealth back to the people.
Continue reading “It’s time to smash government ‘austerity’ & start a massive redistribution of wealth”