Syria in the crosshairs of US. hypocrisy

SyriaBy Henry McRandall

As the United States and its NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) “allies” (read “proxies”, “aiders and abetters,” “fellow travelers”, or, in the case of Canada, “lapdogs”) attempt to lure the world into a misadventure that could have cataclysmic global consequences, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the entire Syrian population now find themselves in the crosshairs of Amerikkkan “exceptionalism” gone berserk, of Amerikkka’s insatiable lust for global hegemony gone insane, and of Amerikkkan hypocrisy gone shameless.
It is, however, just another absurd progression in a jingoistic, “wild west” Amerikkkan mainstream culture that has now chosen to divorce itself entirely from reality and from accountability.
For days now, the talking heads of the western body politic; of the insane, steroid-enhanced U.S. and NATO military leaders; and of the integrity-challenged corporate (and even public) mainstream media have been beating the drums of war with regard to Syria – based solely on a single – and yet-to-be-substantiated – allegation by the CIA-financed, al-Qaeda-led, and mostly-foreign-mercenary “rebels” that the Assad regime unleashed a chemical-weapon attack a few days ago that killed hundreds of civilians and very seriously hurt hundreds of others. There can be no questioning of the fact that these horrific deaths and injuries did occur and that chemical weapons were the probable cause. But there has been absolutely no evidence to date that the Assad regime was responsible for the attack. In fact, it was the U.S. and its NATO allies that demanded that the UN investigation restrict itself only to the issue of whether chemical weapons were used – and not address the issue of who was responsible for their use. That demand was accepted. Meanwhile, the Assad government has demanded that the UN also investigate not only the use of chemical weapons but also who used them at this particular site and also investigate three other sites where it says government forces were attacked by the “rebels” with chemical weapons. The UN has not responded to this demand. Continue reading “Syria in the crosshairs of US. hypocrisy”

Middle East inches toward a bloodbath

BinyaminAbbasThe "Middle East"By Henry McRandall

More than 600 people have been killed and another 4,000 injured over the past 36 hours as Islamic Brotherhood supporters of appropriately deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi and secularist supporters of the military-backed interim government square off over who will ultimately control the most populous country in the Arab world.
Meanwhile, yesterday, the Israeli government of right-wing warmonger Binyamin Netanyahu and the puppet chairman of the so-called “administration” of the West Bank portion of partitioned Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, agreed to schedule weekly meetings in their interminable pursuit – at least for public consumption – of some sort of phantom peace.
And, finally, daily suicide bombings – pitting Sunni and Shia Muslims against each other – continued unabated this week in “liberated” and “democratized” Iraq and various other North African and so-called “Middle Eastern” countries.
What is the connection amongst these various disasters? The connection is that they are all part of what seems to be a well-orchestrated campaign to fan the flames of moderate bloody friction into an all-out conflagration that could soon consume the entire oil-rich region and eventually entangle almost the entire world.
In the case of Egypt, Morsi came to power on June 20, 2012 by winning a runoff against Ahmed Shalik, the last prime minister of deposed dictator Hosni Mubarak, by barely 3 percent after a general election in which only Morsi and Shalik had viable campaign financing or organization. The final choice that Egyptian voters faced was a choice between two very disgusting options. In the final analysis, massive public repudiation of the new regime would have come within months. regardless of which of the two had won. Once in power, Morsi immediately began turning away from the moderation he had promised in domestic affairs and began tacitly and surreptitiously implementing a harsh Islamic code known as “sharia” that would have stripped women, children and the large non-Muslim minority of many of their rights. He also failed horribly to improve of the desperate economic conditions under which most Egyptians were living and failed abjectly to stem the stubbornly rising tide of unemployment. Within a year, Morsi and his Islamic-Brotherhood-controlled party had turned a majority of the population against them and popular uprisings began to spread across the country. Extremists among the hardline Islamist party, however, seized the opportunity to turn public opposition and resentment into newfound sympathy among moderate Egyptian Muslims and the one-sided protests rapidly devolved into civil war.
In the case of the Israeli-Palestinian “peace talks” finally imposed on the two sides after months of so-called “shuttle diplomacy” by now-U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry – er, Mrs. Heinz -, the first bid by extremist Israeli warmonger Netanyahu was to offer three separate “olive branches” to the Palestinians: first, he announced the release of 100 Palestinian prisoners of war (seemingly all will be prisoners already scheduled for release over the course of the next month); then he authorized the construction of 1,200 new Jewish homes and expedited the construction of 2,000 more already authorized – right in the heart of territory most crucial to any eventual geographic unification of the two distinct Palestinian territories – or bantustans, or concentration camps – the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; and then he launched air strikes on Gaza. Great peace overtures! Moreover, any peace talks including Abbas but excluding democratically-elected Hamas cannot possibly have any moral or judicial legitimacy. Abbas’ elected term in office ended more than five years ago. He no longer enjoys the support of a majority of Palestinians even in the West Bank – which is the only portion of Palestine he even nominally “controls.” And the fact that Abbas is totally dependent on so-called U.S. “foreign aid” and Israeli collection and remittance of Palestinian customs duties for 50 percent of total West Bank revenues makes him nothing but a totally compliant puppet on the tightly controlled strings of the US-NATO-Israeli axis of evil.
And in the case of the suicide bombings that have become a part of everyday life for civil society in much of the Arab and Muslim worlds ever since the U.S. and its NATO “allies” began “liberating” and “democratizing” the so-called “Middle East” and North Africa more than 12 years ago, the flow of blood unleashed by the western “pillars of morality” has spread steadily to now taint the soil of a vast, growing and crucial region of the world.
Take a look at the map above this story. If you start at the zero hour position at the top – in Turkey – and work your finger along in a rough clockwise pattern until you return to the top and the twelve o’clock position, your finger will have wound its way through 15 separate countries – Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan (which includes the new independent country of South Sudan), Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon – that have been splattered with blood over the past decade and more, thanks primarily to U.S. foreign policy and Amerikkka’s insatiable lust for global hegemony. Every one of those countries has endured unbearable violence and suffering in the name of “pax amerikkkana.” Not even included on that map are Afghanistan and Pakistan who have also paid a horrific price for the imposition of U.S. will on this vital region of the world. Continue reading “Middle East inches toward a bloodbath”

When governments spy on their citizens

Uncle Sam would watch you even in your bedroom if he could.
Uncle Sam would watch you even in your bedroom if he could.
By Henry McRandall

I couldn’t help but laugh this afternoon when the Cleveland, Ohio, judge sentencing Ariel Castro to 1,000-years-to-life in prison – for kidnapping, beating, brutally raping, terrorizing and kicking his three young female victims to the point of miscarriage after he had impregnated them, and holding them hostage for 10 years in premises unfit for human habitation and under conditions of extreme cruelty and depravity – concluded his remarks with the ludicrous observation that the one good thing that came out of this horrific tragedy is that Castro’s victims “now have their freedom – which is the greatest part of being an American.”
To make such an insane observation in the light of all that has transpired in Amerikkka over the past 32 years – and especially since so-called “9-11” – that judge must either be living in a cocoon in some isolated, gated community far from the maddening crowd or simply took too many hits of acid (LSD) before handing down sentencing. Continue reading “When governments spy on their citizens”