The stark reality of the U.S. elections

By Henry McRandall

It is frequently observed that truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction, and there is no greater exemplar of that reality than the stark options facing both Americans and Amerikkkans next Tuesday.
Most eyes — and the obsession of the mainstream media –, of course, will be fixed upon the race between Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican wannabe Mitt Romney to determine who will sit in the “White” House after January, 2013. Will the second so-called “first African-American president” (the first pretender to that mantle was Bill Clinton) be re-elected after a dismal first term that saw very little of the “change” Obama so blithely promised in 2008 or will enough Amerikkkans show up at the polls to topple the current upstart and reclaim the “White” House by giving the dangerously demented Romney the presidency and the key to the nuclear arsenal?
I would speculate that millions will hold their noses and vote for one of the above-mentioned to as “the lesser of two evils.” All things considered, Obama is probably the lesser of those two evils. You couldn’t pass urine between the differences between Obama and Romney on foreign policy or — their respective rhetorics notwithstanding — on economic policy. On those issues, those two candidates stand for continuity in a wide range of policies despite the decades-long failures of those policies.
Neither Obama nor Romney will change the basic thrust of U.S. foreign or economic policy because these policies are the policies that most effect the vested interests of the Top Two Percent — the mega-millionaire and billionaire controllers of the “productive” economy — the gangster banksters and corporate robber barons — who were granted the right to purchase politicians by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United a couple of years ago, and the puppet political prostitutes who are desperately dependent on the largesse of this criminal socioeconomic elite for their own political success and survival. On all of the issues that directly affect the vested interests of the elite, neither the Democrat nor the Republican will change much. Continue reading “The stark reality of the U.S. elections”