What WRISEUP.COM supports, opposes

By Henry McRandall
Editor & Publisher

Many thousands of people — in almost every country in the world — have been among the readers of WRISEUP.COM. Many of you have written to ask what our overall philosophy is. It is for that reason that we now offer a rather lengthy list (subject to revision at any time) of what WRISEUP.COM strongly supports, moderately supports, moderately opposes or strongly opposes (in no particular order):
A Democracy that allows all citizens and other legal residents of any political jurisdiction aged 16 years or older not only to vote but to be able to choose from among multiple political options ranging from far left to far right.
Private Bradley Manning, Julian Assange & WikiLeaks.
A total worldwide debt jubilee. (A debt jubilee — the cancellation of all debts — goes back to Biblical times and a complete one occurred every 49 years until the birth of capitalism 500 years ago.)
Libertarian Socialism.
The unfettered right to freedom of speech (excluding the promotion of hatred based on race, colour, creed [or lack thereof], national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability or handicap), freedom of — AND FROM — religion, freedom of assembly, freedom to dissent & protest publicly, freedom to marry any one other adult who is not within four degrees of blood relationship, and freedom from harsh & unusual punishment.
Industrial Democracy. Every worker has the right to refuse unsafe or unhealthy working conditions without penalty. Every worker has the right to refuse mandatory overtime. Every worker has the right to equal pay and employee benefits for work of equal value. A massive redistribution of wealth from the top two percent to the bottom 98 percent, and especially to the bottom 40 percent.
Total protection of Whistleblowers who expose any governmental, political or corporate corruption and/or criminality.
In the U.S., Black Reparations & Amerindian Reparations.
In Canada, First Nations Reparations.
Universal, single-payer (government payer), comprehensive health care.
Leftist Labour Unions.
Same-sex marriage.
A massive war on poverty.
A massive redistribution of wealth, income and power from the Top Two Percent to the Other 98 Percent and, especially, to the Bottom 50 Percent.
Every worker has the right to join a labour union and/or to attempt to organize the workers in his or her place of work. Every worker has the right to freedom of speech in the workplace. In every business with fewer than 25 employees, all non-executive, non-managerial employees have a right to receive and share at least 10% of the profits of the business. In every business with 25 or more employees, all non-executive, non-managerial employees have a right to share equally in at least 25% of all corporate profits and the non-executive, non-managerial employees shall have the right to elect at least 50% of all corporate directors. In the case of franchises or subsidiaries of a larger corporation, the franchise or subsidiary shall be treated as part of the larger corporation.
A Living Wage. Every full-time worker has a right to a living wage and to employee benefits or compensatory pay supplements equal to no less than 25% of their basic wage or salary. Nowhere in the U.S. or Canada should the minimum wage be less than $13 an hour.
Retirement Age. Every worker should have the right to retire on full government & employer pensions at the age of 65 years or less.
Local Media Ownership. Every local newspaper, magazine, radio station or television station should be required to have at least 60% local ownership.
In the U.S., the ACLU; in Canada, the CCLA.
World Citizenship. Every human being should have the right to live and work in any country of their choosing.
Freedom both of and from religion. Continue reading “What WRISEUP.COM supports, opposes”

Crass criminality of corporate capitalism

By Henry McRandall

After a very lengthy examination of a very wide variety of economic statistics — mostly from official government agencies — the evidence is now overwhelming that corporate capitalism is nothing more and nothing less than massive, unprosecuted, crass criminal gangsterism. Consider just some of the facts:
Re the 47% of Americans that Satanists Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, the Kochsucker brothers and the almost unanimously illiterate and overwhelmingly racist Tea Party like to condemn for feeling they have a right to food, shelter, education and health care: More than 80% of Walmart’s full-time U.S. employees are now on food stamps, while the six heirs of Walmart founder Sam Walton now have a combined net worth of more than $130 billion, making them almost twice as wealthy as the world’s second-richest family. Every one of these heirs should be in prison for life for their massive crimes against humanity.
In the so-called Third World, a child under the age of five dies every three seconds — 24-7-365 — of either starvation or disease, because of corrupt U.S. foreign policy and routinely unprosecuted criminal conduct by U.S. multinational corporations. That’s 50,000 children every day or more than 17.5 million children under the age of five dying needlessly every year. The puppet political prostitutes of the Top One Percent who legislate these policies and every executive of every one of these U.S. multinational corporation should also be in prison for life for massive crimes against humanity.
More than five million American families have been turfed out of their homes since 2007 because of the $18 TRILLION in fraudulent mortgages foist upon them by Amerikkka’s gangster banksters. That amounts to an average of over $50 million in serial frauds by each one of these financial sector executives. Every one of these felonious gangster banksters should be in prison for life for massive crimes against humanity. Five million more American families are expected to be turfed out of their homes because of fraudulent mortgages in the next three years. Continue reading “Crass criminality of corporate capitalism”