Could Canada finally elect a progressive regime?

Canadians may be ready to test 'democracy.'By Henry McRandall

Could Canadians be on the verge of electing their first truly progressive government ever on May 2? And if they did elect a truly progressive government would the real masters of the world allow it to come to power?
The simple math suggests the first is indeed a possibility. But realpolitik dictates this would not be an “acceptable” outcome.
In the latest national opinion poll, out just in the last few hours, the Conservatives are at 36%, a slight drop from the 2008 election when they elected 143 MP’s on 37.2% of the vote, a large minority in the 308-seat House of Commons. The Liberals now are at 27% and the won 77 seats with 26.2%. The NDP is now at 20%, up from 18.2% in 2008 when they elected 37 MP’s. The Bloc Quebecois had dropped to nine percent from 10% that gave it 49 seats. The Green Party is at eight percent after the 6.8% that did not win a single seat. And two Independents were elected. Continue reading “Could Canada finally elect a progressive regime?”

The global uprising is gathering steam

The master job killer advises Obama on jobs.By Henry McRandall

More than half a million people turned out in London, England on Saturday as mass protests against government austerity programs began to gather steam.
And on Friday and Saturday there were mass protests in more than 30 countries around the world – including, among others, the U.K., Ireland, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Libya, Jordan, Bahrain, Algeria, Cote d’Ivoire and even the U.S.
While the protests against the Conservative-Liberal U.K. coalition received some coverage from the global mainstream media, the American and Canadian mainstream mass media almost totally ignored the protests in the U.S. Continue reading “The global uprising is gathering steam”

Canadians ponder ‘regime change’

Harper believes he has the "divine right of kings."By Henry McRandall

Canada’s minority federal government collapsed this week after the three opposition parties joined forces to convict the Stephen Harper regime of contempt of Parliament.
Canadians will now go to the polls May 2 to elect a new administration.
Harper’s Tories have won minorities in the last two Canadian federal elections but have never quite managed to win the majority that would allow them to turn Canada into a right-wing hellhole.
Specifically, the opposition brought down the government for refusing to admit to the horrendous future costs of some of the Tories’ most-cherished and most-extremist pieces of legislation. Continue reading “Canadians ponder ‘regime change’”

Wisconsin wages war on its workers

How low can Amerikkka stoop?By Henry McRandall

The great U.S. state of Wisconsin – the birthplace of the Progressive movement a century ago – has just forced questionnable passage of its Bill depriving public-sector workers of almost all of their collective bargaining rights.
While some among the masses – the poor, the working class and the middle class – have long begrudged a seemingly privileged status for public servants and now cheer the taking down a rung of this envied group, the reality is not that public-sector workers are overpaid and underworked but that too many private-sector workers have become grossly underpaid and overworked.
Scapegoating their fellow workers will not solve the worsening dilemma of private-sector workers. In fact, dragging the circumstances of public-sector workers down to the level of non-unionized private-sector workers will only serve to worsen the circumstances of non-unionized private-sector workers even more. Continue reading “Wisconsin wages war on its workers”

In the U.S., the ‘great awakening’ begins

Americans are awakening to the corporate capitalist reality.By Henry McRandall

Over the last couple of weeks, the mainstream corporate mass media in the U.S. have been all atwitter over the public uprisings in Wisconsin and Ohio against the plans of Republican Tea Party governors to take away the rights of public-sector workers to collective bargaining.
Some – such as Faux News – have even attempted to portray the victims of this calumny as “thugs” and “criminals”
But the real thugs and criminals are the Republican Tea Party politicians – all in the pockets of the malevolent mega-billionaire Koch brothers – and the corporate mass media that is cheering them on.
And if Americans think the denial of collective bargaining rights to public-sector workers is all that these malefactors have in mind, then they have another think coming. Continue reading “In the U.S., the ‘great awakening’ begins”