Long live needed worldwide revolution!

It's time for the masses to take back their fair share of wealth and power.
It's time for the masses to take back their fair share of wealth and power.
By Henry McRandall

“Viva la revolucion!”, “Vive la revolution!” and “Long live the revolution!” are just a few of the phrases likely to be chanted around the world in the coming months as the masses – the poor, the working class and the middle class – across the globe join the “great awakening” that is now taking hold and could eventually put a final end to “rule of the people, by the rich (and their lackeys), for the rich.”
With the possible exceptions of Cuba and Venezuela, there is not a country in the world today – whether it calls itself a “democracy” or not – that is not under the brutal control of a tiny econocorporate socioeconomic elite – the billlionaire and mega-millionaire banksters and so-called “captains” of industry – that has taken it upon itself to strip the masses of all their wealth and all their power.
Not all countries today claim to be “democracies.” But every one that does has been taken over in the past 30 years by a tiny cadre of well-heeled tyrants who have turned the erstwhile democracies into plutocracies, oligarchies and kleptocracies. Continue reading “Long live needed worldwide revolution!”

The sphinx still remains inscrutable

Mubarak's departure must not end the revolution.By Henry McRandall

The Egyptian masses have finally prevailed and deposed the rotten regime of their brtual, corrupt dictator, Hosni Mubarak.
The poor, the working class and the middle class united and remained united through 18 harrowing days before achieving the first part of their project. They maintained their courage, their commitment and their solidarity throughout and could not have prevailed without all three.
And they did it all without having to resort to violence.
But the ultimate success of their laudable revolution still remains in doubt.
The challenge now is to use this period of transitional military rule to successfully transform their beleaguered country into a real democracy and complete the revolution. Continue reading “The sphinx still remains inscrutable”