Why hasn’t Sarah Palin been charged?

Palin's clearly as guilty as Jared Lee Loughner may be.By Henry McRandall

It appears ultra-right-wing diva Sarah Palin now has her panties in a knot over suggestions that her sewer website may have contributed to alleged would-be assassin Jared Lee Loughner’s murderous spree a few days ago in Arizona.
But try as she may, Queen Bitch Palin cannot mitigate her own guilt in the eyes of many thinking Americans.
Anyone who has visited Palin’s website, attended any of her speeches, read her book or observed her TV and radio appearances,
knows that Palin’s stock-in-trade is venting hatred toward anyone or anything still positive in Amerikka’s current troubled existence.
The question is: Why has Sarah Palin not yet been charged with incitement to murder and whisked off to prison? Continue reading “Why hasn’t Sarah Palin been charged?”

How the super-rich became super-duper rich

Why make do with just one super-sized mansion?
Why make do with just one super-sized mansion?
By Henry McRandall

By 1976, the international turmoil of the Sexy Sixties had made the United States, Canada and much of the world much more egalitarian than at any time in previous history.
Not only were women and many varieties of visible and invisible minorities gaining ground in the social and legal contexts, but they had also forced a significant downward redistribution of wealth from the elite “Haves” to mass “Have-Nots.”
The top one percent in Amerikkka had seen their share of national income decline from a high of 13.6 percent in 1929 to just 6.8 percent in 1976. And the pattern was similar for Canada and many other advanced western industrial countries.
Moreover, the corporations and the rich were actually paying a relatively fair share of taxes. Continue reading “How the super-rich became super-duper rich”

It’s time to ‘spread the wealth around’

National income should be divvied up more fairly.By Henry McRandall

In the last three weeks of the 2008 U.S. presidential election race, Republican candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin accused their Democratic rivals, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, of wanting to “spread the wealth around.”
The Republicans kept up the assault for the rest of the campaign and the corporate mass media made daily front-page and top-of-the-news items out of the charge.
The American people clearly knew what was supposed to be at stake – a massive redistribution of wealth from the “Haves” to the “Have-Nots” – and they voted en masse for the only prescription that could have saved the Amerikkkan economy from seeping further into the abyss of a prolonged economic depression.
But Obama and Biden chose to ignore the overwhelming mandate they had been given to effect just such a change and, as a consequence, the super-rich have continued to get much richer while the masses – the poor, the working class and the middle class – have continued to get poorer. Continue reading “It’s time to ‘spread the wealth around’”

Boehner should be hung as a class traitor

Snake-oil salesman John Boehner imagines himself a working-class hero.By Henry McRandall

The corporate mass media will never say so but the simple reality is that new House Speaker John Boehner deserves to be hung as a traitor to his working-class roots.
Boehner has worked hard over the years to nurture a public image of himself as some kind of working-class hero.
In fact, it was just a couple of weeks ago that I saw Boehner on one of the Cable news channels, shedding crocodile tears and blubbering pathetically as he hypocritically proclaimed that the purpose of his life was “to help the poor get a crack at the American dream.”
Of course, it was all a bare-faced lie. Boehner cares not a whit about Amerikkka’s poor or its working class. He’s achieved his “Amerikkkan dream” on their backs and to hell with everyone else except the super-wealthy masters to whom he has sold his soul. Continue reading “Boehner should be hung as a class traitor”

New U.S. Congress eyeballs debt, deficit

The rich are singing from the same hymnbook that caused the Great Depression.
The rich are sining from the same hymnbook that caused the Great Depression.
By Henry McRandall

The new United States Congress is currently being sworn in and all indications are
that Amerikkka’s humongous national debt and current budget deficit will be the major objects of their attention.
The Republican Tea Party has already nixed any increases in taxes even for major corporations or Amerikkka’s 500-odd billionaires so that leaves just the expenditures side of the ledger in which to find the massive savings that will be necessary to right the ship of state.
Military spending is, of course, sacrosanct in the country that has waged more wars than any other country in the world since it came into existence 234 years ago, so don’t expect the Congress to look there for major cost-cutting. Continue reading “New U.S. Congress eyeballs debt, deficit”