U.S., E.U. rush to defend the indefensible

The west wouldn't even assess Khodorkovsky's guilt or innocence.By Henry McRandall

The United States and the European Union have been tripping over themselves and each other in recent days in their respective determinations to champion the cause of the richest man in Russia – mega-billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
Khodorkovsky was sentenced today to an additional six years in prison – on top of the eight years he was already serving – after his conviction on charges of embezzlement and money laundering. And both the U.S. and the E.U. have become positively apopleptic at the possibility this billionaire felon may have to spend even more time behind bars.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in fact, was both shrill and intemperate in her denunciation of the Russian legal system.
Khodorkovsky’s original conviction – the one that brought him the eight-year sentence – was for fraud and tax evasion. Continue reading “U.S., E.U. rush to defend the indefensible”

Starving the needy to defend the greedy

Whose "way of life" does the Pentagon really protect? And who should pay?By Henry McRandall

An interesting phenomenon is unfolding in Amerikkka the brutal: The needy are being asked to make do with even less in order that there will be plenty of booty to protect the greedy.
In the coming weeks, United States President Barack Obama and the Democratic Republican Tea Party Congress will pass a federal budget designed to take from the neediest and most desperate in order that the Pentagon will not have to make any cuts and the econocorporate socioeconomic elite the Pentagon defends will remain safe and secure in their daily practice of corruption and criminality.
Yes, Amerikka’s federal government is going to actually reduce spending on health care and social programs at the peak of the worst economic depression since the Dirty Thirties so that the unmitigated epidemic of so-called “defence” spending can continue apace. Continue reading “Starving the needy to defend the greedy”

High-risk sabre-rattling rocks the Koreas

If level heads don't prevail, it could be World War 3.By Henry McRandall

In recent weeks, a rash of high-profile confrontations has threatened the uneasy peace that’s prevailed between North and South Korea for 57 years.
The Korean War of the early 1950s was the first significant proxy war between Communism and corporate capitalist so-called “democracy.”
And while it may have been the first serious proxy engagement between the two sides, it was far from the last.
But the collapse of Soviet Communism two decades ago and China’s ensuing embrace of market economics should have paved the way for the two Koreas to negotiate a formal and lasting peace agreement.
That has not happened, however, and the sabre-rattling that is now going on between the divided inhabitants of the Korean Peninsula
threatens to make the mildly-warring brethren the first proxies in a new Cold War – between China and the West – or even the first combattants in what could devolve into World War III. Continue reading “High-risk sabre-rattling rocks the Koreas”

The IMF issues some rather stern warnings

Mass austerity or mass hysterics?By Henry McRandall

The U.S.-controlled IMF (International Monetary Fund) issued some rather stern warnings yesterday in its continuing campaign to impose government austerity on the European and North American masses – the poor, the working class and the middle class.
Firstly, it told Ireland – whose masses are just now beginning to digest some harsh government spending cuts and a cataclysmic eleven percent cut in the minimum wage – that it is just going to have to suffer even more with a new round of austerity measures.
And secondly, it told Canada’s federal and provincial governments to tell their publics “the truth” about “unsustainable” health-care spending.
The IMF did not tell either country to increase taxes on corporations or the wealthy – and there’s the rub. Continue reading “The IMF issues some rather stern warnings”

Why working-class solidarity is imperative

The masses will never prevail if they can't unite.By Henry McRandall

Divide and conquer!
For the past couple of millennia, one of the most successful strategies by which the socioeconomic elite has perpetually defeated the masses – the poor, the working class and the middle class – has been by pitting the underdogs against each other.
If the anger, the disillusionment, the alienation and the aggression of the capitalists’ prey could somehow be deflected away from the predator class and back onto the prey themselves then the status quo that divides societies into a minority of winners and a majority of losers could be maintained forever.
At least that was the theory that united the predators and kept them safe from the chickens of their corrupt and criminal actions ever coming home to roost. Continue reading “Why working-class solidarity is imperative”

When ‘the meek shall inherit the Earth’

The meek will always be weak if they keep turning the other cheek.By Henry McRandall

I have a great biblical revelation to share. I have discovered exactly when it is that “the meek shall inherit the Earth” – it is at precisely that point when there will be absolutely nothing left for the rich to steal or destroy.
If there hadn’t been a God – and there probably wasn’t – the rich would have had to invent one – and they probably did.
How else could they have cowed the masses – the poor, the working class, and the middle class – into perpetually turning the other cheek so the rich could keep on slapping them down? How else, if not with the promise of an eternity of milk and honey and a gazillion virgins
but only in the afterlife and only for those who keep turning that other cheek? Continue reading “When ‘the meek shall inherit the Earth’”

Obama’s deal with the devil gets dashed

Maybe the time has come for public health care in the U.S.By Henry McRandall

United States President Barack Obama’s health-care deal with the health-insurance devil has just gotten dashed – at least for now.
Virginia Judge Henry Hudson has ruled that it would be unconstitutional to force Americans to buy health insurance from private companies.
But that’s not the end of it. This case will undoubtedly go all the way up to the Republican-stacked United States Supreme Court where all bets are off.
The so-called compromise deal with the unholy Republicans – which allowed hundreds of destructive Republican amendments to be added to the original bill – left Obama with nothing to show for his trouble but yet another windfall for the private health-insurance companies. Continue reading “Obama’s deal with the devil gets dashed”

American policy: punish good, reward evil

Amerikkka is confusing good and evil.
Amerikkka is confusing good and evil.
By Henry McRandall

The sordid record of the first two years of the Barack Obama administration reveal just how decadent and depraved U.S. government policy has become.
In fact, the overriding policy of the United States government has been exposed as one simply of: punish good and reward evil.
Even before assuming the presidency, Obama disclosed that he would not be prosectuing George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld or any other sinister operatives of the Bush administration for their obvious war crimes and crimes against humanity.
The new President’s supposed rationale for adopting this obscene policy was that Obama wanted “to look forward, not backward.” Continue reading “American policy: punish good, reward evil”

Can Canada’s divided left seize power?

Will Canada go socialist?By Henry McRandall

Canada’s political landscape was dramatically changed a half decade ago when the two right-wing national parties merged to form today’s Conservative Party. Could a merger on the real left have the same effect today?
Neither of the two old-line national parties – the right-wing Conservatives and the centrist Liberals – have been able to gain much traction since a minority federal government was elected in 2008.
And neither party is in a position to win a majority were an election to be held today. It seems neither of the two traditional major parties is able any longer to claim the support of even one in three Canadians.
And, most certainly, neither party seems to have any solutions to the problems facing the country now and in the future. Continue reading “Can Canada’s divided left seize power?”

The Mass Media Empire strikes back

The corporate mass media only likes the 'right' "free speech."By Henry McRandall

Not unexpectedly, the mainstream corporate mass media took its first swing at me today, banning me for life from the website of one of Amerikkka’s largest daily newspaper.
Specifically, it was the New York Daily News that has banished me for daring to expose the co-conspiratorial roles of the corporate mass media and the top two percent of Amerikkkans
in hijacking the masses’ beloved democracy.
(The guilty article – “How the rich hijacked ‘democracy’” was published on www.WRISEUP.COM earlier today).
“How the rich hijacked ‘democracy’ revealed in chronological order the efforts over the years by the banks and the corporations and their lobbyists – and the super-rich who control all three – to undermine the democratic system they have still not come to accept. Continue reading “The Mass Media Empire strikes back”