Warmongering GOP poised to strike again

Republican Tea Party clowns will pick a fight about anything.
Republican Tea Party clowns will pick a fight about anything.
By Henry McRandall

United States President Barack Obama this week practically begged the Senate to pass the START treaty aimed at reducing the total number of U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons.
Between them they have more than 90 percent of the world’s nukes and more than enough to obliterate mankind several times.
But Obama’s hope for approval of the treaty before year’s end has the distinct timber of whistling in the wind.
If he hasn’t learned yet, the American president will soon learn that on any issue – but especially on so-called “defence” issues – the obstructionist Republicans will absolutely not play ball.
And why should they? Obama cannot even get the Blue Dog Democrats to support much of his extremely moderate legislation. Continue reading “Warmongering GOP poised to strike again”

WikiLeaks’ Assange now a marked man

There may now be no safe refuge for the editor.By Henry McRandall

It was reported in WRISEUP.COM back in August (“The conspiracy to destroy Julian Assange,” August 23, 2010) that the United States had launched a global conspiracy to destroy WikiLeaks co-founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange.
At the time, the Pentagon’s and the CIA’s biggest ploy was to arrange for trumped-up rape and sexual molestation charges to be brought against him by the current NeoConservative government of Sweden, of all places.
But at the time, Assange’s sole indiscretion had been to leak top-secret documents exposing political corruption on the part of various governments.
Most recently came the massive leak of international diplomatic cables which served merely to make the WikiLeaks editor even more of a nuisance to “democratic” governments. Continue reading “WikiLeaks’ Assange now a marked man”

Why is ‘socialism for the rich’ alright?

Socialism is a caring, sharing society.
Socialism is a caring, sharing society.
By Henry McRandall

For the past couple of centuries, the leading politicians and church leaders and the corporate mass media across North America have been telling us all that “socialism” is something “Satanic,” something that should be shunned at all costs.
But when the greed, incompetence, corruption and criminality of corporate capitalism brought the world’s economy to its knees over the past couple of years, all those captains of industry and bankster barons were lined up at the public trough like the dying victims of a Third-World famine.
One would have been forgiven for assuming the econocorporate socioeconomic elite had actually had to miss a meal for a change. Nothing of the sort had actually happened, of course. Continue reading “Why is ‘socialism for the rich’ alright?”

How Obama could’ve spent $25 trillion

Americans will pay for bank bailout for decades.
Americans will pay for the bank bailouts for decades.
By Henry McRandall

United States President Barack Obama will probably go down in history simply as the African-American who rescued corporate capitalism.
It could – and should – have been much different.
The $25 trillion that the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve spent bailing out the banks, and the billionaires and mega-millionaires who control those banks, could have been used to benefit the masses – the poor, the working class and the middle class – instead.
The banks could – and should – have been allowed to fail and then nationalized and operated as state-owned entities. The only losers in such an equation would have been the billionaire and mega-millionaire banksters whose greed, incompetence, corruption and criminality caused the enitre global economic meltdown in the first place. Continue reading “How Obama could’ve spent $25 trillion”

The great alternative to bank bailouts

The banks should have been allowed to fail.
The banks should have been allowed to fail.
By Henry McRandall

Over the past couple of years, a slew of western countries have spent tens of trillions of dollars bailing out private-sector banks and there appears to be no end in sight to the bailouts.
Just this past weekend, the EU (European Union) and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) approved a $113-billion bailout of Ireland’s banks.
And as a direct consequence of those costly public-sector bailouts of private-sector banks, hundreds of millions of poor, working-class and middle-class North Americans and Europeans will be facing decades of government “austerity.”
The supposed rationale for the bailouts was that they were necessary to keep credit flowing to businesses and consumers and to keep the national and global economies functioning.
But was there an alternative? The answer, in a word, is: Yes! Continue reading “The great alternative to bank bailouts”

N.Y. Times waxes jingoistic about ‘Leaks

By Henry McRandall

Not surprisingly, the august New York Times could not resist lapsing into unbridled jingoism in its first accounts of the latest batch of Wikileaks documents.
The relatively brief first summary of the documents’ contents dutifully teased readers about their import.
But reporters Scott Shane and Andrew W. Lehrer succumbed to the instinctive Amerikkkan impulse to be cheerleaders for Amerikkka’s insatiable thirst for unchallenged global hegemony.
“To read them,” Shane and Lehrer gushed, “is to become a global voyeur, immersed in the jawboning, inducements and penalties the U.S. wields in trying to have its way with a recalcitrant world.”
While “trying to have its way with a recalcitrant world,” is, in and of itself, a betrayal of Amerikkkan imperialist ambitions, the most galling part of the sentence is its reference to a “recalcitrant world.” Continue reading “N.Y. Times waxes jingoistic about ‘Leaks”

Storm clouds form over Korean pensinsula

The unfinished Korean War began 60 years ago.
The unfinished Korean War began 60 years ago.
By Henry McRandall

Storms clouds have formed over the Korean peninsula in recent days as military maneuvers by South Korea provoked a lethal response from North Korea.
The loss of life was minimal but the ensuing threats and counter-threats have given rise to fears that the never-officially-ended Korean War may flare up anew.
It has been 57 years since the warring parties of the once-united Korea entered into an armistice. But they never signed a peace treaty.
In the half-century since, the paranoid and isolated North Koreans have never really settled into a post-war mode. North Korea still has the fourth-largest standing army in the world and in recent years has tested a couple of nuclear devices. Continue reading “Storm clouds form over Korean pensinsula”

The ongoing travails of beleaguered Haiti

Tomorrow's vote won't bring an honest president like Aristide.By Henry McRandall

The Haitian people head to the polls tomorrow to elect a new president and a new parliament amidst a worsening cholera epidemic.
No doubt the epidemic will keep many away from the polling stations, as will the violence that typically mars Haitian elections.
But no matter who wins the vote, little is likely to improve for the battered population.
In 1804, a slave rebellion resulted in Haiti becoming the first independent nation in Latin America and the first black-led republic in the world.
But the nascent country was doomed from the start as the U.S. demanded that Haiti pay France the quivalent of over $20 billion of today’s U.S. dollars in compensation for the emancipation of the European country’s Caribbean slaves, a debt that has crippled the republic to this day. Continue reading “The ongoing travails of beleaguered Haiti”

CRTC approves Faux News North license

Canadians can expect the airwaves to be full of angry right-wingers.By Henry McRandall

The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) has granted a license for the launch of Faux News North, otherwise known as SUN-TV.
The new cable network will be a Canadian takeoff on Amerikkka’s Fox (read Faux) News and its programming will consist of a blend of falsified and exaggeratedc news reports and extreme right-wing commentary.
SUN-TV, of course, is named after Quebecor Inc.’s stable of a half dozen tabloids and a couple of dozen tabloids posing as broadsheet dailies. And like the flagship Toronto Sun and its sisters in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary, it is being designed for “people who can’t read without moving their lips.” Continue reading “CRTC approves Faux News North license”

Ontario whitewashes G20 police brutality

Canadian cops ran amok at Toronto's G20 confab.By Henry McRandall

As expected, Ontario’s SIU (Special Investigations Unit) has one again whitewashed police brutality and misconduct at last summer’s G8 and G20 summits in Huntsville, Ont. And Toronto.
The SIU did, of course, acknowledge that excessive force was used – because it couldn’t conceal all the video evidence – but failed to bring charges against any individual police officers.
Canada spent about $1 billion for “security” at the Toronto conclave – compared to just twenty to forty million dollars when the august national leaders meet in other countries.
The rationale for the exorbitant expenditure was, as usual, the threat of “international terror” presumably by Arabs or Muslims.
That there never was any perceived threat against the summit is a moot point. As in other western so-called “democracies,” our politicians and our top police and military brass will conjure up any kind of “threat” necessary to justify a massive show of government force. Continue reading “Ontario whitewashes G20 police brutality”