The truth no one dares to speak

The greed of the pampered and privileged could doom us all.
The greed of the pampered and privileged could doom us all.
By Henry McRandall

Statistics Canada revealed yesterday that Canada’s economy shrunk again last month,
putting the lie once more to the claims of Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney, the establishment economists and politicians, and the corporate mass media that the recession is over.
The continuing deception is a futile effort to avoid a truth that grows more evident and more urgent each passing day.
In the U.S., neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will acknowledge that truth. In Canada, of course, neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals will acknowledge that truth.
But what is perhaps even more disturbing is that neither the New Democrats, the Greens nor the Bloc Quebecois will acknowledge that truth either.
Although it is perfectly understandable that the NeoConservatives and NeoLiberals in both countries would desperately seek to conceal that emerging truth, it is somewhat more disturbing that even the so-called “social democrats” will not address it.
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Why is Canada still in Afghanistan?

Wherever the U.S. military goes, opium poppies are soon to blossom.By Henry McRandall

After eight years of brutal warfare in that godforsaken country, two questions are still begging about the whole sorry issue: Why did Canada go into Afghanistan in the first place? And why the hell are we still there?
Eight years of dismal failure in the so-called “War on Terror” – and the current year especially – have rendered the very rationale for invading Afghanistan specious at best and criminally sordid at worst.
Even as U.S. President Barack Obama ponders America’s options in Afghanistan, there seems to be no such political soul-searching going on in Canada. And that’s a pity.

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Canada’s pampered poseurs win another pass

Despite their failures, Canada's pampered elite will still take home the loot.By Henry McRandall

The United States government has finally moved to make token cuts to the compensations of corporate executives whose corporations ponied up to the trough of public bailout money.
The cuts in their compensation may be purely cosmetic but they do at least illustrate a recognition on the part of the American politicians that the taxpayers who are picking up the tab for the corporate and bank bailouts deserve some modest consideration.
Unfortunately, Canadian taxpayers who lavished billions of dollars of bailout money on General Motors and Chrysler do not seem to deserve similar consideration.
Both our federal (Conservative) government and the Ontario provincial (Liberal) government are refusing to divulge how much the Canadian executives of GM and Chrysler arec being allowed to make post-bailout, much less take steps to limit or reduce their grossly excessive compensation.
This should come as no surprise to Canadians.

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The inside joke about white-collar crime

For Canada's white-collar criminals, punishment will remain a joke.By Henry McRandall

The Stephen Harper Conservatives and the corporate mass media have tried to make a big deal of the government’s supposed crackdown on white-collar crime. In reality, it is anything but a big deal.
The highlight of the supposed reforms is the imposition of a minimum two-year prison term on a perpetrator of a $1-BILLION fraud. Far be it from me to say so but a two-year term at a Canadian white-collar jail for a one-BILLION-dollar fraud hardly qualifies as a punishment fitting the crime.
Any crime that nets the perpetrator one BILLION dollars is most certainly a crime motivated by greed rather than need.
A number of years ago, Sunera Thobani – when she was the head of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women — received widespread condemnation for having the temerity to suggest that a single mom who steals to feed her kids should not go to jail. The corporate mass media practically devoured her alive for daring to suggest that need might be a mitigating motive in the commission of a crime.
But Professor Thobani was right and, as is very, very often the case, the corporate mass media was wrong.

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Good news: Bill the Mechanic can now fix your automobile

Now Bill can restore your damaged auto.By Mike Bodrogkozi

Small vehicle repair shops have won a victory of sorts from auto manufacturers recently in a volunteer agreement to allow independent shops to use proprietary software and tools.
Up until this point, small shops were unable to access the software needed to diagnose and repair problems with your vehicle, let’s say, if you took your Toyota to Canadian Tire.
The problem with these roadblocks is that they would limit competition and cheaper fixes. I have experience with this myself.
My piece of shit Chevy Venture has cost me an arm and a leg and fixes are always ongoing.
An upper strut bearing and a gasket replacement would have cost me about $800.00 at the local Chevrolet dealer.
I have a great local mechanic, Bill, who is about 60 years old and has a very small shop, no signage, low overhead, works alone, (shit, the sign out front seems to have his high school nickname, ”T- Bear Auto” slathered across it… )

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‘Jobless recovery’ a haunting oxymoron

While the elite party, the masses will face a "jobless recovery"By Henry McRandall

Increasingly these days, establishment economists and politicians and the corporate mass media are conceding that their vaunted economic “recovery” may be a “jobless recovery.” And the spectre of that “jobless recovery” should be starting to haunt the masses.
Canada’s increase in employment last month was somewhat illusory, in that almost all the new employment was either in the public sector or in sectors boosted by the government stimulus programs.
In a nutshell, although profits and share prices are starting to rebound, the private-sector corporations reaping the benfits are not yet in turn trying to grow the economy so that a larger slice of the population might benefit.
Yes, the socioeconomic elite – the top five percent of the population – have been bailed out by the government (read: the taxpayers) and are starting to once again do quite nicely remain as unwilling as ever to share the bounty of good times with the masses – the poor and the middle class.

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Christian hypocrite stereotypes strike again…what a surprise!

What seems to link Bishop Raymond Lahey with clerics of other faiths is their predilection for perversion.By Mike Bodrogkozi

Before going on I will give the disclaimer that this is absolutely not, I repeat, NOT a repeat column that I’ve published before.
The setting is exactly the same but the characters are totally different.
It begins with a reverend, who was a “Chief Shepherd” to a deeply religious flock of Gaelic, Acadian, and First Nations peoples of Nova Scotia’s Antigonish County and Cape Breton Island. He was very outspoken to other church leaders in urging them to make the church more hip and relevant to the followers.
He had also urged prayer for all those who had been abused by the churches and was instrumental in brokering a deal of $15 million for previous victims of sexual abuse by leaders of the church.
He had written on theology and church history, served on two school boards, organized a visit by the Pope in 1984 and was awarded the title Prelate of Honour by Pope John Paul 2 and on and on and da-da-da-da-da.
Now, after an examination of his laptop by border officials in Ottawa upon his return from Europe, BIG SURPRISE, he is being held on child porn charges based on what they found on his laptop.

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Kids killing kids the inevitable upshot of corporate capitalism gone mad

Mindless violence is as American as apple pie.
Mindless violence is as American as apple pie.
By Henry McRandall

The American corporate mass media has come up with a new whipping boy: The plague of kids killing kids in Chicago.
In America’s “Second City,” 36 school kids were killed by other kids during the last school year alone. And the new school year’s arrival has been heralded by the horrific cellphone video of a handful of young men armed with two-by-fours beating a 16-year-old teen to death.
Chicago may currently be the worst example but it is far from the only American city where kids kill kids.
When I attended high school in Quebec City back in the Sixties, when kids fought it was one-on-one, fist-to-fist. No one carried guns or knives to school. Schools didn’t need armed security guards and metal detectors at the entrances. And that was the North American norm.
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How quickly the hypocritical Hollywood elite rally around the wagon of a fellow rapist

Hollywood should hide its head in shame of promoting Polanski.
Hollywood should hide its head in shame of promoting Polanski.
By Mike Bodrogkozi

So I’m sure by now you all have heard of the arrest of Roman Polanski at a Zurich airport last week on the charge of “ having unlawful sex with a minor.”
The charges came after a girl, then 13 years of age, was plied with champagne and a sliver of a Quaalude and then slowly convinced to remove her top, then enter the Jacuzzi, then strip nude , then ever more slowly, as she no doubt became unable to make adult decisions, ended up in a dark room where she was made to have sex in many different ways, including anal sodomy.
The story is that on previous shoots, she was accompanied by her mother, but on this evening, the mother was barred from entering.
So raping a 13-year-old girl is wrong, right? Let’s hang this dirty beast, right?
Not according to Hollywood’s elite who quickly came to his aid.
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The North American welfare trap

Those at the bottom are stuck treading water.By Henry McRandall

There is perhaps no worse testament to the inherent evil of corporate capitalism than the North American welfare trap. And that applies as well to the meagre pensions afforded to disabled persons in Canada and the U.S.
These various social assistance payments – originally intended as a “social safety net” – have been allowed to deteriorate to the point where they are now nothing more than a “corporate capitalism safety net.”
They do very little for their recipients but they still serve to keep the lid on what otherwise might become a widespread uprising against the chain of deprivation visited upon so many by the captains of corporate capitalism.
A century ago, men – and also women – in Canada and the U.S. were dying for the right of a dignified level of survival.
The sacrifices that were made in the long, hard struggle for some kind of social safety net gradually won enormous gains for the masses – the poor and the middle class, culminating – circa 1974 – in the most progressive distribution of wealth in the history of either country.
But for the last 35 years we have witnessed an even greater pushback by the corporate capitalist powers-that-be.

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