The G20 plans war against the Other99%

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Capitalist fictionBy Henry McRandall

The G20 – the unelected global organization bringing together the leaders of the 20+ most powerful national economies in the world (plus 24 less economically-powerful countries included under the single EU [European Union] entity) – has just agreed on 900 NEW MEASURES to “improve the global economy” – or, to put it more aptly, to inject high-octane overdrive into the Top1%’s massive class warfare on the Other99%. read more »

It’s time to smash government ‘austerity’ & start a massive redistribution of wealth

The GapBy Henry McRandall
Two new studies released in Canada and the U.S. respectively this week – and a host of other frightening recent economic developments – now make it inescapably evident that it is time to ditch “government austerity” and all the economic claptrap being spewed by the mainstream media, the gangster banksters and corporate robber barons, and the Top1%’s puppet political prostitutes and bought-and-paid-for academic assholes – the Reaganomics, or so-called “supply-side” economics, or so-called “trickle-down” economics, or – as former U.S. president George H. W. Bush aptly described it before being selected as Reagan’s vice-presidential running mate in the 1980 election – “voodoo economics” – and give power and wealth back to the people.
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Canada’s petty PM plays politics with the return of ‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery

Will the magic leaf be the downfall of Obama's brother?

Will the magic leaf be the downfall of Obama’s brother?

Harper believes he has the "divine right of kings."By Henry McRandall

Canada’s so-called “Prince of Pot”, Marc Emery, has just finished serving a five-year prison sentence in the U.S. and now languishes in an American deportation holding center – not even allowed physical contact with his wife, Jodie – while criminally corrupt Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper pettily pretends he is promoting “law and order” by waiting until the last possible day to issue the passport Emery needs to return to Canada.
Marc Emery’s crime? He sold marijuana seeds over the Internet to Americans needing medical marijuana but unable to access it because of the insane so-called “War On Drugs” and the medieval drug policies that have resulted from it. And how did those American buyers learn of Marc Emery? Most of them were referred to him by their own doctors, painfully aware of their own patients’ desperate need for relief from their own pain.
After his sentencing, Marc Emery had requested to serve his time in Canada – and such prisoner transfers between the U.S. and Canada are quite common -, in part because he would have been eligible for earlier parole. But Stephen Harper, in another holier-than-thou display of pettiness, refused to allow it.
So let’s take a look at the record of Stephen Harper and his Conservative party – not only on matters of “law-and-order” but also on economic matters. And let’s start with the economy. read more »

Crass criminality in high places: When a prime minister turns rogue

By Henry McRandall

Last weekend the RCMP and an ambulance were summoned on an urgent basis to the official residence of Conservative “law-and-order” Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. When they arrived at the scene, they found a very underage girl intoxicated to the point of unconsciousness. And, since then, every effort has been made by everyone involved to keep the matter as hushed up as possible.
But the public interest and Canada’s national security demand that many questions be probed, that honest answers be obtained and that criminal charges be laid – against whomever they may be warranted. read more »

Don’t believe Heritage Fndtn. bullshit

Capitalist fiction
By Henry McRandall

I believe it was yesterday morning (Thursday, April 24, 2014) that I was astounded but not at all surprised to see some clown from the ultra-right-wing Heritage Foundation on CNN asserting that Canada’s middle-class is now the wealthiest middle-class in the world – and all because of government austerity budgeting. I could not understand how a supposedly non-partisan and objective Cable news channel like CNN could broadcast such patent lies.
The Heritage Foundation clown/liar asserted that the middle-class in both Canada and the U.K. has seen its average wealth soar by 20% since the onset of the global recession – compared to an increase of just 0.3% in the U.S. – making Canada’s middle-class the wealthiest middle-class in the world and all because of the harsh austerity budgets of the Conservative national governments in both countries.
Nothing could be further from the truth. read more »

When North America erupts in flames

aaaaaagreekBy Henry McRandall

Recently resigned Conservative Canadian finance minister Jim Flaherty died today and the mainstream media and the gaggle of puppet political prostitutes – from all parties – were tripping over each other in an attempt to lavish the loftiest praise on the hard-hearted man who designed the country’s harsh and deadly federal austerity budgets for more than half a decade. But while the crony praise for the lout who fought the global recession on the backs of poor and working-class Canadians – when there were much better alternatives – was wildly flattering, it was totally undeserved.
Flaherty – throughout his lengthy federal and provincial (Ontario) political career – was an ardent right-wing warrior only too happy to crush the Other99% – behind a facade of benign rationality – in order to deliver enormous, illicit financial benefit to his own political benefactors, all of whom already had far, far, far more than their fair share of the economic pie.
But while the pols and the pundits all stressed his lengthy “public service” career and lamented that he did not get the chance to enjoy his post-politics, private-sector rewards for supposedly saving Canadians from the severe consequences the masses have endured in many other countries in the years since the corruption and criminality of the ownership class near-bankrupted the global economy, the reality is that the only segment of the Canadian public that he “saved” or “served” was the psychopathically greedy Top1%. That he didn’t get a chance to collect the rewards the Top1% and the corporations they control would no doubt have offered him in return for his unswerving commitment to the cruel and lethal corporate-capitalist agenda is, rather than something to lament, perhaps a hint that there is still a tiny spark of justice somewhere in the universe.
The intellectual and moral lightweights in the halls of political and economic power were effusive all day about this “great man” and the “sacrifices” he had made in his 25 years of “public service.”
What did this “great man” do in his many years of “public service”? Well, as finance minister in Ontario’s Conservative provincial government starting in 1995, he slashed welfare benefits by more than 20% and froze them for nine years, he froze disability pensions for nine years, and he froze the minimum wage for nine years – all the while also slashing real government spending on health care, education and social programs and simultaneously giving tax cut after tax cut after tax cut to corporations and the wealthy. As Conservative federal finance minister for the past eight years, Flaherty first delivered the biggest federal deficit in history before gradually whittling it down to almost nothing – by cutting real federal spending on health care, education and social programs and simultaneously giving tax cut after tax cut after tax cut to corporations and the wealthy. And if you think freezing the minimum wage and social supports for the poorest and most vulnerable only effects minimum-wage workers, the disabled and families in the most precarious of circumstances, you’re deluding yourself. Every time the income of any small segment of the underclasses is reduced, it puts downward pressure on all working-class and middle-class wages by making workers in general so desperate and insecure that they are willing to work for much less – even for much less than a living wage – in order to escape being tossed even further down the economic heap. It was also under Flaherty’s 8-year tenure as Canada’s federal finance minister that the percentage of workers eligible for unemployment insurance if their jobs should become outsourced or offshored dropped to a disastrous level of less than 32%. read more »

Neil Young’s mini-tour rocks Canada’s hardcore Conservative con-artist thugs

Neil YoungBy Henry McRandall
Canadian global rock superstar Neil Young began a four-city Canadian mini-tour yesterday to generate funding for a First Nations (Canadian “Indians”) legal battle against rampant government treaty violations and the comments he has made both before and after his first performance have so rocked extreme-right-wing Conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper that Harper has now gone lunatic in his public war against Neil Young.
Unlike Harper, who has never been anything but a slick, extremely-well-coiffed poseur and opportunist and whose majority government has begun to disintegrate under the pressure of a litany of still-raging scandals, Young has a record of contributing to the public good and promoting social justice that goes back decades.
While Stephen Harper has never sought anything other than his own financial and political benefit and that of his political and corporate cronies, Neil Young’s tremendously successful and conscientious musical career has gone hand-in-hand with his avocation – an unshakeable commitment to social justice and the well-being of others.
Yes, Neil Young has probably made a lot of money over the course of his 47-year (so far) musical career. But he has also generously not only shared his personal resources – both financial and professional – in support of a wide variety of worthy causes, he has also used his celebrity and his vocal and musical talent to promote a wide variety of worthy causes and to denounce situations that were not conducive to social justice. read more »

Recovery? What friggin’ economic recovery?

Economic CrisisBy Henry McRandall

As a veteran international journalist and publishing consultant – university-educated in sociology, history and economics, and having done very well in all of them – and even much more educated in economics through self-education – I was aghast but not shocked by the outright lies contained in the U.S. and Canadian unemployment figures that were released this morning.
The U.S. is claiming that its unemployment rate fell from 7.1% to 6.7% after only 74,000 jobs were created last month – far, far fewer than economists had expected and far, far, far fewer than the job creation required to keep pace with the growing population and workforce. CNN, of all possible sources, was kind enough to point out that the participation rate – the number of persons of working age who are either employed or actively seeking employment – has now fallen to its lowest level since 1978 – just 63%, meaning that there are no jobs available for almost two in every five American workers. Uncle Sam blamed the discrepancy on so-called “discouraged workers withdrawing from the workforce.” I cannot for the life of me figure out how Uncle Sam figures out how many workers have become too “discouraged” to even look for work or how Uncle Sam believes this massive number of jobless Americans are surviving – it’s certainly not from any savings from the massive number of U.S. jobs that don’t even pay a living wage; nor is it from the $1.30 per meal that they get in food stamps.
In Canada, the official unemployment rate jumped from 6.9% to 7.2%, meaning that for the first time since the global economic collapse of 2007-08, Canada’s official unemployment rate is now higher than that in the U.S. despite the oft-repeated lies of extreme-right-wing Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has been claiming for the past eight years that Canada has not even had a recession.
The official unemployment rates in both countries, of course, do not differentiate between people working full-time and those only able to find a few hours a week of very-low-wage, part-time or casual employment with no employee benefits whatsoever. Even if you’re only working two hours a week for $7.25 an hour, you’re counted as employed. And, conned by the corporate mainstream media and the Satanic Teabaggers, far too many Amerikkkans and Canadians are quick to point the finger at the jobless victims of corporate capitalism rather than the psychopathic billionaires and mega-millionaires who are hot-to-trot for the downsizing, outsourcing and offshoring of as many quality, decent-wage jobs as possible.
The massive fraud known as “free trade” has served no other purpose than to kill as many quality North American jobs so that decent working-class and middle-class wages can be cynically converted into mega-profits for the already-immorally-wealthy. read more »

NDPers whip themselves into a coma

Evil Thomas MulcairBy Henry McRandall

Once upon a time, Canadians had a social-democratic political party – the NDP or New Democratic Party – that has managed on occasion to win power in five of the country’s 10 provinces which, combined, hold more than two-thirds of Canada’s population. But they have never managed to win power at the federal level – and that was the rub.
Desperate to finally hold sway in Ottawa, the middle-class so-called “centrists” who were gradually taking over a party that had been proudly built over decades by poor and working-class Canadians were chomping at the bit to get their own snouts in the public trough and began more than 20 years ago to shift the party ever so slowly toward the right (they call it the “centre”) so that it would be more to the liking of their own class.
For years, the drift remained gradual and no thought was ever given to patching together a genuinely leftist platform that might finally give poor and working-class Canadians a real reason to vote – for the first time in decades.
Finally, after the untimely death of the heroic Le Bon Jack (Layton) in 2011, the “centrists” found their man in former Quebec Liberal cabinet minister Thomas Mulcair and they catapulted him into the federal NDP leadership. No longer would their party have to “pander” to the legitimate needs of the poor or the working class. The new agenda would be all about “the middle class”.
How much more evidence will have to pile up before REAL New Democrats come to realize that neither Thomas Mulcair nor their new “centrist” orientation are going to deliver them to the “promised land” of power?
And the evidence so far has been absolutely massive. Since becoming federal NDP leader less than two years ago, Thomas Mulcair’s “centrist” leadership has steadily sunk the New Democratic Party back into the also-ran level of public support: read more »

Dying so that the rich can get even richer

PoppyBy Henry McRandall

In the U.S., they call its “Veterans Day.” In Canada, they call it “Remembrance Day”. And in many countries around the world, today is the day everyone is supposed to stop and pay tribute to the vast number of men and women who have risked life and limb, supposedly “to protect OUR way of life.”
The public rationale for all these western invasions and occupations of massively impoverished and defenceless countries, however, has nothing at all to do with “protecting OUR way of life.” It is all about guaranteeing the Top1% and the criminal capitalist multinational corporations they control unrestricted access to cheap labour, cheap resources and a laissez-faire attitude toward worker health and safety and environmental safeguards.
Wars are never declared by the poor or the working class. It is always the Top1% and their puppet political prostitutes who declare wars against real or imagined enemies. But it is never the pampered sons and daughters of the immorally wealthy – whose gains are almost totally obtained through massive, unpunished criminality, such as their refusal to pay their workers a living wage and other crimes against humanity – who are forced to go and fight these immoral wars. No, it is the sons and daughters of the poor and the working class who risk life and limb in the service of their wealthy “betters” – either because they are desperate for access to the education that might someday enable them to get a decent job or because they are desperate for any kind of job right now just so that they can survive.
The events of 9-11 – which the U.S. hypocritically expects the rest of the world to remember every year until the end of time – were nothing compared to the DAILY death toll inflicted on the rest of the world – every day of the year – by the capriciousness of the U.S. State Department and the carte blanche multinational corporations enjoy, to commit massive felonious atrocities around the world with no fear of ever being brought to justice. Yes, 3,000 Amerikkkans – mostly wealthy and/or powerful Amerikkkans – were killed on 9-11. But every day of the year – 365 days a year – a child in the so-called Third World dies – every one and a half seconds – either from starvation or from untreated but treatable disease because of these twin culprits – a massively criminal multinational corporate capitalist cartel and a quiescent United States State Department. That’s more than 50,000 children – all under the age of five – being martyred EVERY day just to keep the profits of the billionaires and mega-millionaires forever growing larger. read more »