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By Henry McRandalltrickle down economics
Editor & Publisher

Finally, after a very long struggle to overcome some enormous financial and technical challenges, we are able to launch www.WRISEUP.COM as a DAILY online-only newsmagazine that examines Canadian, U.S. and world affairs – politics; economic affairs; environmental affairs; social & cultural affairs; health & healthcare; labour & the workplace; crime & punishment; freedom, privacy, human rights and government/corporate surveillance; science & technology; etc. – from a very-hard-hitting, no-holds-barred, no-sacred-cows, non-partisan but decidedly anti-Establishment, anti-status-quo, anti-corporate and anti-free-trade perspective.
We’re starting small – just a few illustrated articles every day of the week plus a daily read opinion poll each day. But as we grow we plan to increase the volume and variety of our daily content mix and add a YouTube channel on which we would initially feature just short daily “news rants” but also grow to include a variety of other content.asocialjustice
Unfortunately, however, we are very cash poor and although we share the perspective that access to information should be free, we are forced – at least in the first year of daily publication – to charge an extremely small annual subscription fee. While many mainstream daily newspapers are often charging as much as $20 A MONTH – or even more – for access to their biased content, we are asking our readers to pay just $3.65 for a full year – or JUST ONE CENT PER DAY.
We are going to be aggressively exposing the massive corruption and criminality of a system that seems now to exist solely for the benefit and further enrichment of the Top1%. And we are going to be promoting efforts to undermine the illicit power of the criminal Top1% and to give real power – and a fair share of the economic pie – back to the people – the Other99%.apoliticalrevolution
For more than 500 years, the “ownership class” in our corporate-capitalist system has been employing a “divide & conquer” strategy to covertly induce the Other99% to deal with their challenges and frustrations by blaming and attacking each other. When we – the Other99% – allow them to do that, the only people who benefit are the Top1% whose greed has become insatiable and whose illicit wealth and power continues to grow by the day. The only way the Other99% can ever regain control, create a real democracy and get back their fair share of the economic pie is if we turn away from the efforts of the wealthy and powerful to divide us against each other and create a massive coalition that will grow to be far too strong for the Top1% to ever crush again.
We are going to be on the frontline of this effort to bring the savage Top1% under control, to demand social justice for all – across Canada, across North America and around the world – and to give power back to the masses. Will you join us in that mission?
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THIS is a “DEMOCRACY”??? Americans are forced to choose between 2 total scumbags – both anointed by the Top1%

By Henry McRandallaasiamese

Pity the average American voter as he or she tries to determine which of the two main party presidential candidates – Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump – is the more evil, the more dangerous and the more delusional. And trying to pick the lesser of these two extremely evil fools will be like having to choose between Satan and Lucifer – and here’s why: Continue reading “THIS is a “DEMOCRACY”??? Americans are forced to choose between 2 total scumbags – both anointed by the Top1%”

At a time when most rock & pop musicians have gone into political hiding, can Beyonce fill the void left by the tragic loss of musical/social/cultural giants Prince & David Bowie?

By Henry McRandalladoves

The first four months of 2016 have dealt a double whammy to rock & pop music and culture enthusiasts of all ages – as not one but two long-time icons who stretched the bounds of musical, cultural, social and political tolerance died – within just 101 days of each other. Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson) and David Bowie not only defied all the standards and accepted “norms” of their era but challenged the entire world to reconsider the societal limitations that most people readily accepted. Sadly, few of today’s successful rock & pop artists seem inclined to even pay tacit tribute to their genres’ revolutionary roots of yesteryear. And at a time when no one else seems to be stepping forward to fill the enormous void that Prince and David Bowie have left, Beyonce has made a couple of bold and beautiful statements of her own.

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Abolishing the UN-democratic senate is an urgent necessity for Canada, but abolishing the ANTI-democratic monarchy may be even more urgent

By Henry McRandalladuffy

The acquittal of suspended senator Mike Duffy a few days ago on all 31 charges of bribery, fraud, etc. and the judge’s scathing indictment of Conservative ex-prime minister Stephen Harper, his former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, and the entire PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) may have been a relief to Duffy and other current and past senators also facing possible prosecution for their profligate squandering of taxpayers’ money for their own enrichment – but it has done absolutely nothing to address the question of whether the senate – or another equally ILLEGITIMATE governmental institution, the MONARCHY – should even be ALLOWED to exist in a SUPPOSEDLY “democratic” country. Continue reading “Abolishing the UN-democratic senate is an urgent necessity for Canada, but abolishing the ANTI-democratic monarchy may be even more urgent”

Electing Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz U.S. president would mean a crushing disaster for the Other99% – in America and around the world

By Henry McRandallapolitician

While Ohio Governor and struggling Republican presidential wannabe Kasich may not be a significant factor, the looming tragedy is that if Democratic phony Hillary Clinton or either of the GOP dummies still standing – Donald Trump & Ted Cruz – is elected U.S. president this November, it will be an unmitigated disaster not only for the Other99% of Americans but also for the Other99% right around the world. The only contender still in the race who is even fit to occupy the White House and begin the political revolution that is inevitable is Vermont Senator and socialist Bernie Sanders. And the reasons are numerous:

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Although the U.S.A. just may be the genocide capital of the world, the suicide crisis on Attawaspikat First Nation shows that Canada may not be far behind

By Henry McRandallaholocaust

North American and Israeli politicians and the mass media may be fond of reminding the world that the Holocaust – (German Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s monstrous attempt to exterminate as many Jews, gays and others as possible that the mustachioed goof considered “disposable” before and during World War 2) – the massive weight of evidence suggests that the worst perpetrator of genocide in history may well be the U.S.A., and that, in this sordid endeavor, Canada may not be far behind.

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Are Justin Trudeau’s Liberals really the “leftish” solution to the woes of the Other99% of Canadians or are they already slinking back into the massive corruption of their sordid past?

By Henry McRandallajustin

For Justin Trudeau and his Liberals, it was a mere “accident of fate” – NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s bone-headed promise to balance the budget in its first year if the party won its first-ever federal election – that instantly propelled the Trudeaucrats toward an inevitable majority victory. And while some of the Liberals’ post-election rhetoric – but just a tiny bit of its actions – have been mildly “leftish”, there are already hints that the party’s historic allegiance to the criminal Top1% remains much stronger than its new-found commitment to the legitimate needs of the Other99%. Throughout one of the longest federal election campaigns in Canadian history, Pierre Elliot’s boy talked a surprisingly progressive rhetoric, and he and his cabinet have continued a “leftish” tone since then. But talk is cheap. Trudeau and the Liberals talked the talk, but will they truly walk the walk? The continuing strong public approval of the new government may, in fact, conceal a reality that the Liberals may be near the end of the road in terms of progressive action and may, in fact, already be slip-sliding back into their deceptive habits of the past. Consider:

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Can humankind survive much longer without a sustained & determined worldwide revolution – or are we all going to go down with the sinking ship of criminal corporate capitalism?

By Henry McRandallawealthgap
Canada, the U.S. and the entire world have reached a crucial juncture in the history of the human species and it is becoming increasingly evident by the day that we are headed for widespread death and destruction unless we change paths very, very soon. The ongoing effort by the voraciously greedy Top1% and their puppet political prostitutes in almost all of Earth’s “corridors of power” to squeeze every last drop of bloodmoney out of the Other99% has the entire globe careening toward massive social collapse. But at a time when the intended victims – the entire Other99% should be uniting – as happened during the Sexy Sixties (the 1960s) – into a coalition too massive and too determined to be stopped, the “illicit-power class” is leaving no stones unturned in its vicious effort to “divide and conquer” the masses one final time to ultimately make their fortress of illegitimate wealth and power almost impregnable.

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Having repudiated Thomas Mulcair’s disastrous leadership, can the NDP now even survive leaving this right-winger at the helm for many more months?

By Henry McRandallathomas

The delegates to the NDP’s federal convention in Edmonton in early April made a very wise decision when they voted to give the party’s right-wing leader his walking papers. But the party’s Establishment dropped the ball when they decided to let him remain at the helm until a new leader is chosen – perhaps even more than a year from now – and just stroll away at a time of his own choosing. But considering that the Ontario NDP is still lost in the wilderness after ditching its disastrous Liberal leader, Bob Rae, more than 20 years ago, can the federal NDP even survive at all with Mulcair still lingering around and continuing to undermine the party’s credibility as a party of the poor and the working class? It’s extremely doubtful – and here’s why:

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Georgygirl Bush sure opened a can of worms when he murdered Saddam Hussein, 4,000 Americans & a million innocent Iraqi civilians

By Henry McRandallageorgygirl

The entire world realizes now that the U.S. invasion of Iraq from March 20 to May 1, 2003 and the consequent murder of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, of 4,000 American men and women on the frontlines of the invasion, and of more than one million innocent Iraqi civilians – mostly women, children and elderly asaddammen – was unconstitutional under U.S. law and, hence, also under international law because Georgygirl W. Bush and his entire administration lied about Hussein possessing WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction). It was an illegal and immoral invasion carried out just to boost the egos of Georgygirl and the entire criminal Bush family. But none of the mainstream media and none of the puppet political prostitutes of the satanic Top1% dare to connect the dots between Georgygirl Bush’s insane warmongering, the nonstop bombing of much of the so-called Middle East and North Africa and the consequent flood of refugees from those demolished countries, and the soaring, daily worldwide threat of terrorism. And since no one else seems the least bit inclined to connect the dots and place the entire blame where it rightly belongs, we will:

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